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Bond County, Illinois
Elam Family Bible Record 

Info submitted by Debra Louden:

I found the following in the first 3 pages of a book called "The Life of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ" by Fleetwood, published in 1856. This book was given to my husband in the late 1980's when it didn't sell at an estate sale for the late Rev. Eugene Cline of Greenville, IL.
I do not know if this book was original to him or if any of these people were his relatives. A transcript of the handwriting follows:

[James N. Elam family is found in 1880 in Zion Precinct, Bond County, IL, where he is listed as age 63]

James N Elam was born February the 21st 1817.
Sabry E Elam his wife was born May the 28th 1820.
James N Elam and his wife Sab-- was married September the 8th 1837(?).

Simeon W Elam was born December the 23th in the year 1837.
Sarah E Elam was born August the 6th in the year 1839.
Mary J Elam was born Febuary the 24th in the year 1842 (crossed out and 1841 written in).
Susanna Elam was born January the 8th in the year 1843.
Bolin A Elam was born September the 9th in the year 1844.
Therisa A Elam was born the first day of November in the year 1846.
Edward R Elam was born the 22 of November in the year 1848.
Nancy E Elam was born September the 24th in the year 185 (paper torn here).
Harry V was born July the 19th in the year of our Lord 1852.
Cintha V Elam was born July the 8th in the year of our Lord 1854.
Frederick G Elam was born January the 16th 1856.
Wesley Elam was born August the 20th in the year 1857.
James Madison Elam was born May the 22 in the year 1861.
Stephen J Elam was born the 31th day of July in the year 1863. Aug. (crossed out)
James A Washburn was born January the 22th 1869.
James N. Elam took J A Washburn to raise May the 14th in the 1872.
Martha Luiza Elam was born October the 28th 1869 (crossed out and 1870 written in next to it).
July Elam was born the 17th day of March 1872.

3rd page:
Dorthulla Estella Orsborn was born the 21 July 187_ (looks like a backwards 9).
Frederic Marien Elam was bord Febuary the 8 in the year 1886.

The book is currently owned by Rev. Robert E Louden of Ottawa, KS. Info submitted by Debra Louden

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