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Bond County, Illinois
Howell Family Bible Records

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Copied by Rachel Elizabeth Howell Herndon for her own records.

John Smith Howell born Jan. 13, 1813, in Riverhead, L.I.; married Elizabeth, born May 16, 1814 in Ind.; married Feb. 11, 1835

Oldest son died in infancy.

Joseph Gideon Howell born Sept. 4, 1838; died Feb. 15, 1862, at Fort Donelson, Tenn.; while carrying messages to the General, shot through eye; buried in Soldier's Cemetery, Bloomington, Illinois.

James Stafford Howell born in 1840; died Aug. 14, 1844; buried on the Howell farm east of Greenville, Ill.

Rachel Elizabeth Howell born Aug. 8, 1846 at Sugar Creek, Madison Co.; married Julius Claudius Herndon of Summerville, Ga., March 10, 1870; J.C. born April 20, 1845.

Rev. John Smith Howell died Sept. 23, 1872 at Elm Point Farm.

Elizabeth Johnston Howell died at daughter's home in Reno, Ill., Oct. 25, 1895.

Julius Claudius Herndon died at home in Reno, June 4, 1909.

Rachel Elizabeth Howell Herndon died at her home in Reno, Ill., Feb. 9, 1914.




Record copied and presented by
Mrs. James Abels, Chairman,
Genealogical Records Committee,
Springfield Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.,
Springfield, Illinois.

Copied August 12, 1939 before the bible was given to Mrs. Stella May Herndon Frost.

John Smith Howell was married to Elizabeth Johnston, Feb. 11, 1835.

Rachel Elizabeth Howell was married March 10, 1870 to Julius Claudius Herndon of Summerville, Georgia, by Rev. T.W. Hynes.

Stella May Herndon was married to William F. Frost on Nov. 29, 1898.

Roy Herndon was married to Sadie Almira Rosebrough on Sept. 17, 1914.

Julian Howell Herndon was married to Barbara Catherine Beckert Feb. 19, 1919.

1st child of J.C. and R.E. Herndon was still-born; buried in Elm Point Cemetery; born Jan. 30, 1871.
Julian Howell Herndon was born May 28, 1872, and was baptised March 16, 1873, by Rev. T.W. Hynes.
Lena Herndon was born Nov. 13, 1874, and was baptised by Rev. J.H. Spilman, Sept. 5, 1875.
Roy Herndon was born Oct. 1, 1877, and was bapitsed by Rev. J.H. Spilman, Aug. 11, 1878.
Stella May Herndon was born Feb. 12, 1880, and was baptised by Rev. W.N. Steele, Oct. 28, 1882.
Nellie Herndon was born May 23, 1883, and was baptised by Rev. W.N. Steele, July 9, 1883.

John Smith Howell died Sept. 23, 1872
Elizabeth Johnston Howell died Oct. 25, 1895
Julius Claudius Herndon died June 4, 1909
Rachel Elizabeth Herndon died Feb. 9, 1914

On his farm east of Greenville on the Vandalia Road.

Joseph Howell was born Dec. 19, 1770; was born again 1783.
Entered into rest Sept. 5, 1833.

Bethiah Joseph Howell
Wife of Joseph Howell
was born Dec. 19, 1770
died Feb. 5th, 1833 was
aged 54 years born again 1783
Entered into Rest
Sept. 5, 1833

Now in Montrose Cemetery, Greenville, Illinois, on Dr. W.A. Allen lot.

Joseph Benjamin Howell was born Dec. 14, 1808; died Aug. 29, 1826. He was thrown from a horse.


In the Possession of LENA HERNDON, Copied by Mrs. JESSIE ALLENTWEED, Sparta, Illinois.
Original in GREENVILLE, Illinois, Court House.
Record Book A-1 Page 199. 1821-1838.

The last will and testament of Joseph Howell late of the County of Bond and State of Illinois, was brought into Court for probate and is as follows-vz-

In the name of God, Amen.

I, Joseph Howell of the County of Bond, State of Illinois being weak in body but sound in mind and memory do make ordain and establish this to be my last will and testament, here by revoking all others, and I do hereby appoint John Gilmore to be the Executor of this my last will and testament.
First: It is my will that all my just debts be paid and sufficent of my personal property be sold for that purpose. If my personal property is insufficent it is my will that my executor shall sell a certain tract of eighty acres situated in Bond County and known as the East half of South east quarter of section no, one in township no, Five, north Range no, three west of the third principal meridan,
Second: After the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses I do here by devise and bequeath to my daughter Betsy Blanchard the sum of Twenty five dollars.
Third: Also I devise and bequeath to my daughter Abigal Locy the sum of Twenty five dollars; It is my will that my beloved wife Bethiah Howell live on the Plantation on which she now lives during her life time and that she be supported there from. It is also my will that my daughter Sarah Howell and Evaliha Howell receive each twenty five dollars and that they be support from the proceeds of the farm on which my beloved wife reside so long as they continue to live on said farm or so long as they live single. It is my will that the plantation after the death of my beloved wife be equally divided by a line running east and west, between my two sons John Smith Howell and Silas White Howell. Giving to John Smith Howell and South half of the said half quarter section. It is my will that the following described parcel, viz: the west half of the south west fourth of section no 16 in township no. 5 North Range, No. 2, west of the third principal meridan containing twenty eight acres and twenty eight hundredths to be the property of my son John Smith Howell. It is my will that a certain tract of land situated as follows be equally divided between my sons John Smith Howell and Silas White Howell by a line running North and South and the west half be the property of John Smith Howell and the East half the property of Silas Howell, it being the north half of the South west Quarter of Section no. 36 in township no. 6, North Range, No. 3 west of the third principal meridan, containing by estimate eighty acres. It is my will that all the cattle, horses, sheep, and hogs be sold at publick vendue and that the household furniture be the property of my beloved wife during her life time and at her death my sons John Smith, Silas W. Howell and my daughters Sarah and Evalina each to have a bed and beding. It is also my will that the after my death and legacies are paid off that the remainder be equally divided between all my children, viz: Betsy Blanchard, Abigal Locy, John Smith Howell, Sarah Howell, Evalina Howell and Silas Howell. In testimony where of I have set my hand hereunto affixed my seal this seventh day of August, A.D. 1833 -
Seal & Joseph Howell (Seal)
Acknowledged in presents
Anabel Enloe
Peter Hubbard
Elisha Smith

Codicil of the Joseph Howell Deceased as follows, viz: to be annexed to his last will and testament,

I, Joseph Howell of the County of Bond and State of Illinois: Do this nineteenth day of August make and publish this codocil to my last will and testament in manner following, viz: I give to my two grandsons Henry Birge and Joseph H. Birge each the sum of Twenty dollars, I give to my son John S. two yoke of work cattle, two cows and calves and one two year old heifer and one year old filly named Dolphin and four head of sheep. My will is that my beloved wife have a cow and calf; Sarah Howell and Evalina each a cow and calf. It is my desire that this my present codicil be annexed to and made a part of my last will and testament, to all interests and purposes. In testimony whereof I have set my hand and seal this 19 day of August in the year of our Lord 1833.

Joseph X. Howell (Seal)

Signed and sealed and Published and acknowledged by the said
Joseph Howell to be annex as a codicil
to his will and testament in the presence of Ashabel Enloe, Hugh Morenolds and Lucy White

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