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Brown County, IL
Crime News

A Horse Thief Caught

A fellow by the name of Brown says the Warsaw Signal, escaped from Brown county jail a short time since, stole a horse in Bernadotte, was pursued and overtaken in McDonough county.  The court being in session, he was tried, convicted and sentenced to the Penitentiary for five years.  He had in his possession when taken a horse, two saddles, bridle, martingals, wagon-cover, two coffee boilers, whip, overcoat, gun stock, a sack containing two sheet, five ladies dresses, five pair of stockings, jeans coat, shirt and a pair of pillow-cases; besides a vest and a pair of pantaloons on his person which were recognized as the property of George Shults, stolen on election day.  [The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, September 26, 1845]

Attempted Outrage at Mt. Sterling

The Mt. Sterling Democrat-Message has the following: Friday morning, as Lettie Brandenberg was coming from her home to school she was met by a young man 16 or 17 years old by the name of Os Gibson, who assaulted her and attempted to outrage her, but by hard fighting and screaming the brute in human form was frightened away before his purpose was accomplished. It created a great deal of excitement, and a posse of citizens started in pursuit of the villain, but up to the time of going to press he had not been captured. If the party who are in pursuit should capture him, we are of the opinion that he will fare pretty roughly in their hands, and he should. If there is any case in the world where mob violence is justified, it is in just such cases as this, and the sooner any community is rid of such whelps the better the people are off. If such as this young devil are allowed to run at large, no young girl is safe, and we earnestly hope he may be captured and placed where he will not be able to attempt another such crime.
Later – Since writing the above the lively Gibson has been captured and is now in the cooler. This trial has not been had, as we go to press.
[Source: "The Quincy Daily Whig"; Mar 11, 1888; Page 12 - Transcribed by Debbie Gibson]



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