Clark Cemetery
Princeton Township, Bureau County, Illinois

This was found in lost emails from a computer crash on my  webmail.   On November 10, 2005, Mary Parish writes:  "Hello, I hope that you can use this on your Bureau Co website. You can also list my email if people would like pictures of these tombstones. Thank you - Mary Parish Columbus, WI"  

Clark Cemetery

"In June of 2005, the Kitterman Family Association held it bi-annual reunion in Princeton, Illinois. Michael Kitterman was one of the earliest settlers in Bureau Co., Illinois.  One of the highlights of the reunion was a trip to the Clark Family Cemetery.  This Cemetery is on private property in Section 31 of Princeton Township. The current owner has cleaned up the area and gave us the tour.  

Robert Clark, father of Lydia Clark Kitterman, owned this property in the 1830's. Many years later it was owned by Kitterman's.   There are only seven tombstones remaining. There appear to have been more burials but there are no records to provide names. Family history leads us to believe that many burials were removed and placed in other cemeteries. Some burials being in Mt. Bloom Cemetery, Tiskilwa. No record of these removals"

Mary Parish Columbus, WI

Tiskilwa Chief, Oct. 13, 1897, page 1, column 1.

An old and forsaken graveyard has recently been discovered on the Kitterman farm, in the vicinity where old "Rainbow" Johnson lived in an old shack several years ago. This "Silent City of the Dead"is on the brow of a hill looking towards Bureau Creek, inaccessible to a roadway of any kind. It nestles amidst a wilderness of forest trees and undergrowth of shrubbery, and is in so out-of-the-way a place, that one is puzzled to learn how the locality was reached when needed. This burying ground was used as far back as 1845. On the old-fashioned flat tombstones are inscribed such names as, Clark, Mercer, Yarrington and Hock. Each lot at one time was enclosed by a hand-made picket fence, and some of the departed's resting places were designated by a shaft made of walnut wood, on which were inscribed the name, virtues and dates of birth and death of decedents. In all probability the mention of this incident may be the means of bringing to mind interesting details about the lives of the old pioneers, whose graves have become so obscured by time and neglect.

Tombstones found summer of 2005, many are not in their original locations.

1. *Mary Ann Mercer, wife of Wm. Mercer d. Feb 3, 1847, 26y 1m 25d

Note: *Mary Ann Fletcher dau. of Townsend Fletcher & Susan Ready

2. Susanna, dau. of W. & M.A. Mercer, d. Dec. 7, 1850, 9y 11m 27d

3. Infant son of W. & E. Mercer, d. Oct. 23, 1848, 1m 7d

1, 2 &3 are all engraved on one stone with a separate stone with initials:

M.A.M., I.M., S.M.

4. Martha J. Mercer, dau. of Wm, & *Epenetus Mercer, d. May 19, 1854, 9m 14d

Note: *Epenetus Ready

5. Margaret Hock, wife of Isaac Hock, Jul 12, 1838 - Apr 8 or 18 1862 (dod per previous transcriptions). The bottom of the tombstone is now broken and unable to read.

6. *Sarah E., dau. of J.H. & M.A. Clark, d. Sep. 26, 1849, 2y 3d

Note: *Sarah's father was James H. Clark (possible brother to Lydia Clark Kitterman) and her mother was Mary Ann Fortune - Mary Ann Fortune's mother was Susanna Kitterman who was the daughter Henry Kitterman and Anna Danner. Susanna was a sister to Michael Kitterman. This would make Mary Ann a niece of Michael Kitterman.

7. *John Clark, d. Aug 7, 1857, 43y 1m

Note: *John Clark is probably a brother to Lydia Clark Kitterman. Son of Robert Clark & Nancy Masterson.

8. *Rillia Jane, dau. of Benjamin and Elizabeth Clark, d. Mar. 14, 1848, 5 m 17d.

Note: * Benjamin was the son of Robert Clark & Nancy Masterson. Elizabeth was the dau. of Townsend Fletcher & Susan Ready.

9. *Robert Clark, d. Oct. 25, 1849, 62y 11 mo (stone broken)

Note: * Robert's wife was Nancy Masterson. No tombstone found for her. She is not listed in probates records. She must have died before him.

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