Mt. Bloom Cemetery, Tiskilwa, Indian Township, Bureau Co., IL.

Contributed by Ray McCarthy

The land for the cemetery was given by the Peter Bloom Family.   They came to the Tiskilwa area in 1842, and built a home in 1850. The first burial in the cemetery was December 12, 1847.

James Messenger Dexter Lot. Section 2, Lot 39 purchased April 15, 1876 for $15.00 including perpetual care.

Records show eight burials on the lot.   There are the names of four of James and Phebe's children on the big stone but no record of internment. Phebe's will left instructions to put the names of all deceased children on the main stone.

One child, Ann S. was born and died before they came to IL and is buried in Cumberland Cemetery in Providence, RI.

Timothy W., Harriet W., and Albert W. were undoubtedly buried in  Oak Hill Cemetery which is on the family farm at Providence, Bureau Co., IL as they were still living on the farm at the time of their deaths.

James Messenger Dexter Lot, Section Two, Lot 39.

James M. Dexter b. Feb 11, 1805 d. Nov 26 1889 85 yrs old Apopolexy #551

Phebe S. Dexter b. Jan 9, 1811 d. Nov 26, 1889 89 yrs old Old age #927

Timothy W. Dexter b. 1831 d. 1843 no record

Ann S. Dexter b. 1833 d. Dec 24, 1836 2 yrs, 3 mos 20 days

Harriet W. Dexter b. 1835 d. 1855 no record

Albert W. Dexter b. 1843 d. 1843 no record

Ann Dexter Brainard b. June 25, 1845 d. Feb 25, 1923 77 yrs, 8 mos Nephritis #1839

Frankie Lundgren b. Apr 27, 1874 d. Jan 15, 1953 78yrs  #2608

Robert J. Lundgren b. Oct 31, 1876 d. Nov 20, 1959 83 yrs #3049

Phebe K. Boyd b. June 6, 1885 d. June 5, 1951 65 yrs #2579

Cornelia D. Smith b. Aug 4, 1888 d. May 22, 1958 69 yrs  Cancer and heart #3017

Lyman A. Smith b. Jan 18, 1893 d. Mar 26, 1967 74 yrs Cancer #5005

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