Oak Hill Cemetery, Providence, Bureau Co., Illinois

Contributed by Ray McCarthy

This cemetery was founded in 1868 and is in the northeast corner of a farm owned ((1980)) by Victor and Marion Obenhaus. The farm was owned by his grandmother Dexter's parents, Luther and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Carpenter, who came to Illinois with the Providence Colony from Rhode Island. The maintenance is financed by trusts left by some of the families buried there. Victor's mother (Grace May Dexter Obenhaus) left money for the trust. Victor and his children plus some other people are on the cemetery board.

Benjamin Greene Dexter b. April 14, 1839 d. April 12, 1911

Lizzie F. Dexter, wife b. Nov 3, 1843 d. Jan 15, 1892

Infant children of above Ruth, Leafy, Emily

Emily Frances Dexter b. Nov 13, 1867 d.Dec 18, 1867

Dexter Obenhaus b. Sep 13, 1901 d. Aug 28, 1968

Vivian Obenhaus (1st wife) b. 1901 d. 1959

Nell Obenhaus (2nd wife) b. 1904 d. 1973

Herman Obenhaus b.Nov 26, 1867 d. Mar 29, 1950

Grace Obenhaus(wife) b. May 13, 1866 d. May 26,1949

Constance E. Obenhaus(dau) b.Dec 15, 1910 d. Feb 29, 1913

George E. Carpenter b. Nov 6, 1845 d. Feb 24, 1864

L. F. Carpenter b. Dec 3, 1819 d. Oct 30, 1901

Betsey B. Carpenter (wife) b.Jan 1, 1825 d. Jan 8, 1910

Benjamin Greene Dexter was the son of James Messenger and Phebe Sanborn Dexter.

Benjamin G. and Lizzie Dexter were the parents of Grace (Dexter)Obenhaus and grandparents of Victor, Dexter and Constance E. Obenhaus.

Victor, Dexter and Constance E. Obenhaus were children of Grace (Dexter) Obenhaus and Herman Obenhaus.

L. F. and Betsey Carpenter were the parents of Elizabeth (Lizzie) Carpenter, wife of Benjamin G. Dexter and also grandparents of Dexterm Victor and Constance E. Obenhaus.

Compiled by Marjorie (Smith) Sinclair from stones in Oak Hill Cemetery and information given her by Victor Obenhaus.

Submitted by Ray Dexter McCarthy of Allen Park, Michigan

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