Bunker Hill School

Courtesy - Beth Church Reed

Beth writes: "Attaching image of the Bunker Hill School. I cannot ID anyone in the photo. Maybe you would like to put it up anyway. The school must have been between Walnut and Manlius. I am in the process of going through my Bureau county ancestor's photos."

UPDATE:  7/1/05:  This was lost in my emails.  Judy Stutzman writes:  

"I found the picture of the Bunker Hill School. After talking to family members who went to school there, I have some information.
Location = 2 miles South of Buda on route 40 (formerly 88) in Bureau county  The school has been bought by a former student and moved a quarter mile south.

Three children can be identified. top row far right in the white blouse is Mille Stutzman, middle row 6th from left in a suit is Forrest Stutzman, and in the front row 2nd from right is Roy Stutzman. Family was so happy to see this picture. Is this the only picture you have of this school? Hope this helps. - Judy Stutzman"

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