1932-1933 Nye School, Arispie Township, Bureau County, Illinois

Patricia Nordstrom Rosenquist writes, " Attached is a picture of mother  (Madeline Law Nordstrom) with her class at the Nye School which no longer stands on the Kentville Road. It had been made into a home when I was a little girl. The names of the students are on the back written by another student, but I can vouch for several names listed so feel they are accurate. I didn't know if you would be interested in putting this on the Bureau County website. The names are  
(First Row) Raymond Pierson, Johnny Nordstrom, George Lester, Mildred Larson, Vernette Pierson, Leona Pierson, Miss Madeline Law, Reuben Lester
(Second Row) Donald Hughes, Billy Lester, Benny Nordstrom, Anne Maek, Evelyn Hughes, Verner Pierson

The Pierson children were Antone & Emma (Pearson) Pierson's family. Vernette M 1919, Leona Mae 1921, Raymond V 1923, Verner A 1925. There were two older and two younger ones but I believe all are deceased but Eleanor (not pictured). They would have lived south of the school. Mom mentioned the Lester family and believe they had to walk from down on Rt.29 up the hill to get to school. Mildred Larson and Anne Maek are two names I should investigate from the 1930 census to see where they might have lived or who the parents were. My uncle cleared up the puzzle on Donald & Evelyn H. I always thought that but mom never filled that info in on the picture. They lived behind the Nordstroms and to the west so probably cut through the pasture and woods between the two farms and came up the road directly to the school. Herb Lange owns that farm now  Miss Law, (Mom) married John & Ben's older brother Francis.

Mildred Larson would have been Enoch & Albia Larson's dau and might still be living in the quad cities. We don't know where they lived. The Hughes didn't live on the Lange farm, but the next one up where my sister lived several years ago that is owned by the late John Thompson heirs. Roger Hughes of Hughes Funeral Home, now deceased was a younger brother of Donald & Evelyn Hughes and mom taught him also. My sister says she knows it was that farm for sure as the Hughes family came out to the farm one day and wanted to look around at where they once lived

My Mom was given a quilt that was embroidered with community names and board members for the school when she left teaching due to pregnancy 1937. My sister took it and made angels and where she could give someone still living with the family name embroidered she did. Our grandmother Rosie Nordstrom was given to Aunt Arvilla to give to her dau Rosa and Nancy made one for Mildred Larson and also I believe Eleanor Pierson Taylor received one along with many others. Some names we didn't know or no one was left. The quilt was lavender and white but the embroidery names were black and it was not the most attractive thing to look at so she did the best with preserving it and sharing it with others who of course didn't even know about it.

That only leaves Anne Maek and I will investigate this name in March."


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