Depue Homes

Donated by Sharon Kopina

View on Princeton Road, DePue Illinois

These homes are still on what we call Mecum Hill .. the last street in the "Corn Field" section is Sherman St which connected to Mecum hill which went on up to Route 29 .. my own family lived on that last street and every winter season would sled ride down from the top of this hill to the bottom of our street and sometimes if you came down fast enough you coasted another block or so .. what a ride !!!

The Henry Coble family lives in one of these homes .. you can see Lake DePue in the background as there is very little tree top growth back in the era of this real photo postcard which is around circa 1909 --Sharon Kopina

A DePue Resident Street

UPDATE:  "Reference recent addition to Bureau County Illinois History and Genealogy website, photo contributed by Sharon Kopina and captioned “ A DePue Resident Street”.  This photo is looking southwest at the intersection of Fourth Street and Tinley Avenue. Owners of these homes from the 1960’s through the 1980’s inlcude: Far left home: Edward Heitz, Glenn Coble; Empty lot: future home of Glenn Sticken and then Robert Machek; Middle home: Harold Maloney, Eugene Handley, Richard Helmer; Right home: Melvin Wooley

--Steve Zickar – former DePue resident

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