Seatonville, Illinois Photos

Donated by Dawn Champley

Taken from one of the dirt dumps (slag piles) looking towards the town

Dawn writes "Photo #2 is of the company store in Seatonville, my grandmother Verna is standing in the door. She was working there at the time of the picture.

Seatonville:  looking southwest from Lucan's corner.

Pipers and Fletchers, agents for Hudson Auto in Bureau County

Dawn writes "The Fletcher clan have figured out who is sitting in the far left car in the Hudson Auto. Sitting on the hood of the car is young Reo Fletcher, at the wheel James Fletcher - County Clerk, next to him his daughter Lillian Fletcher Fenoglio (wife of Tony Fenolglio - Assitant County Clerk). Back seat behind James: his mother in law and his wife Carrie Meyers Fletcher.

1911 Ladies Aid Society

Dawn writes "Attached is a photo of the Ladies Aid Group of Ladd Illinois of 1911 sent to me by Mary Eustice Miller. Hannah Weisenburger Eustice a granddaughter of Matthew Henry Fletcher is sitting with her son Vernon Eustice on her lap. She is next to the gentleman with the white beard who is sitting on the ground. "

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