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Mike Kitterman 
Mike Kitterman is an old, industrious and prosperous farmer, living near Tiskilwa and is well-known in this part of the State as a heavy land owner and an extensive sheep raiser. Mr. Kitterman arrived in Illinois in Kentucky, with something less than $10 in his pocket. He was then 26 years of age. He wanted to cross the river at Peoria, but as the ferryman asked $4 for the privilege, he journeyed along up the river on horseback. Finally he discovered a log by the side of the river, and, getting astride of it, he held the horse's bridle in one hand, and paddled himself across with the other. He camped on the prairie, and next day resumed his journey up the river. He journeyed on to the place where he now lives, and determined to make that his future home. He bought over 3,000 acres of land, and still has 600 acres on the old homestead. He has given away thirty-eight 80-acre farms to his children and relatives and they are all located near him. As a stock-raiser he has had great success, and it is said he never sold but tow loads of corn in market. In the last ten years he has raised 4,000 bushels of corn, and he has bought as much more for feeding purposes. He now has on the place over 200 head of cattle, 170 head of hogs and 70 sheep. He says his experience of forty years' farming in Illinois teaches him that it is far more profitable to feed grain than to sell it; and, by following up this rule he has made a large fortune. Mr. Kitterman is now about 78 years of age, and is in the enjoyment of good health, as well as ample fortune.
--Chicago tribune. (Chicago, Ill.), September 23, 1871

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