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1870 Democratic Convention
The evening Argus. (Rock Island, Ill.), October 15, 1870
Senatorial Convention
The democratic convention for this, the twenty-second senatorial district, met at Princeton, Bureau County yesterday and nominated Mr. J. S. Buckles of Geneseo, for state senator on the first ballot. Mr. Buckles is the most able lawyer in Bureau County, a representative democrat and will, if elected, do honor to the position. The convention appointed the following senatorial committee C. L. Smith, Bureau County, T. G. Ayers, Henry County; J. S. Drake, Rock Island.

 The 1876 Independent Greenback Convention
The Daily Argus (Rock Island, Ill.), September 15, 1876

The Independent Greenback convention for the 6th congressional district, met at Opera Hall in Princeton, Sept. 6th, and was called to order by S. M. Smith. Who was there or what counties were represented the official proceedings do not say. Dr. Ezra Stetson of Bureau County was chairman and J. F. Mallet of Bureau County, secretary.

They balloted five times for a candidate for congress, but made no choice, though neither the official proceedings nor the local paper inform the public who were voted for, how the vote stood, or how many votes were cast.

They then nominated S. M. Smith as the Peter Cooper elector for this district, in order to help defeat Tilden in this state.

J. F. Mallett, of Bureau County was nominated for state board of equalization. They then appointed as a Central Independent congressional committee, the following: Maynard King, Henry County; C. A. Dean, Bureau; Mr. Van Epps, Lee; L. D. Edwards, Rock Island; Henry Hunter, Putnam.

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