Bureau County Republican - Thursday, April 21, 1881
Donated by Mike O'Neal

T. A. Maul was re-elected as school director for this district last Saturday. We were very much annoyed at church last Sabbath evening by those boys who kept up a continual noise outside. This should be stopped. Parents should know where their boys are at night. We will give the names to the public, should the disturbance be repeated.

Rev. Suggs preached to a large and attentive audience last Sabbath morning. Collections were taken up morning and evening. A committee consisting of five young ladies, was appointed to solicit donations of clothing, etc. Bring in your old clothes and they will be promptly forwarded to the destitute and needy in Kansas.

We are sorry to learn our old friend and former resident, C. A. Peironnet is in trouble. A dispatch from Laramie City, Wyoming, April 5th, to the Chicago Times, contains the following:<"Early this morning Laramie City was the scene of a cold-blooded and revolting murder. Charles Peironnet, a conductor on the Union Pacific railroad murdered roadmaster C. H. Graves at the south-east corner of the telegraph office. Both of these men were married, and each had a pleasant home with a wife and one child.

Peironnet called Graves out of the telegraph office at 2:30 this morning and shot him dead. The murderer was promptly arrested and lodged in jail. Excitement is running very high and threats of lynching are indulged in."

Many of our readers will remember Chat. as one of our most respected citizens. They will also remember his terrible passion when mad. As to his reasons for committing this dreadful deed we have yet to learn.

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