Bureau County Illinois  
History and Genealogy

 Business Directories

 1845 Business Directory (Taken From the Hennepin Herald and Advertisement, August 23, 1845)


A Visit to Tiskilwa and The NEW Cheese Factory (Taken from the Henry Republican, Aug. 31, 1871)

 A Sketch of Tiskilwa  (Henry Republican, 1877 - describes Tiskilwa and its surroundings- including Coal Hollow and Rocky Run)

1885 History of Tiskilwa

Obituary of Mrs. Jane Sheldon - Pioneer Settler


 Cook Brothers Meet For the First Time (Henry Republican, June 29, 1871)

The New Dutch Church (Henry Republican, Dec. 4, 1873)

 A Fire a Tiskilwa (Henry Republican, July 23, 1874)

Local News Items from July 1880

 Local News Items  - Bureau County Republican, Thursday, April 21, 1881 - Donated by Michael Oneal
The Closing of the Tiskilwa Cheese Factory (April 1930)


Main Street, Tiskilwa, Illinois at the turn of the century - Contributed by Norman Horack

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