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1850 - Mortality Schedule

Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1850,
in the County of Calhoun, State of Illinois, enumerated by me, Jon. Plouman
Transcribed by Marla Snow
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Name Age Sex Race Mar.Status Place of Birth Month of Death Occupation Cause of Death # of
Maria Milledge 15 F       Oct   Typhoid Fever 9 days
Joel Dewey 21 M     IL April Farmer Cholera 4 days
Eliza Buchanan 32 F   W IL Sept   Congest. Fever 3 days
Frederick Lemat 6/12 M     IL Sept   Whooping Cough 3 months
Sarah Feriz 56 F   W Va May   Typhoid Fever 5 days
Joseph St. German 23 M     IL Nov Farmer Pleurisy 14 days
Mary Ann Miller 64 F   W Germany Oct   Congestive Fever 8 days
Stephen D. Ceater 3/12 M     IL Aug   Lung Fever 5 days
Daniel Colben 1 M     IL July   Sum Cmp? 14 days
Henry Morris 2 M     IL June   Cong. Fever 10 days
Magdalen Kirchner 7/12 F     Ill Oct   Cong. Fever 14 days
Catherine J. Myer 4 F     Ill July   Croup 14 days
Harriet Campbell 6 F     Ill Sept   Cong. Fever 3 days
Emina Campbell 9/12 F     Ill Aug   Inflim. Bowel 14 days
John Cosley 3/12 M     Ill March   Unknown 14 day
Emily Butler 3 F     Ill Sept   Worms 4 days
Thomas Pifaer 10 M     Ill Aug   Cong. Fever 2 days
John Beuman 60 M   W Scotland June Farmer Cholera 1 days
Jane Howel 80 F   M Va Apr   Cong. Fever 10 days
Milton Howel 2 M     Ill March   Croup 5 days
Duleena Howel 1/12 F     Ill Dec   Fever 14 days
Patience William 32 F   M Mo Aug   Chills Fever 62 days
Stephen Harrison 72 M     Ill Feb   Brain Fever 7 days
Alexander Reynolds 14 M     Ill Sept   Dropsy 60
Louis P. Sevearen 7/12 M     Ill Nov   Brain Fever 7 days
Phileter Post 2/12 F     Ill Oct   Jaundice 7
Eliza Hargate 1/12 F     Ill March   Unknown 7 days
Elizabeth Cresham 2/12 F     Ill Nov   Dropsy 7 days
James H. Enslow 26 M     Ohio Feb   Consumption 1 year
William L. Martin 18 M     Tenn Dec   Cholera 8 days
Lydia Canier 3/12 F     Ill March   Infection Brain 1 days
William Hamilton 68 M   W Vt   Farmer Fever 10
Laura Ann Stallings 1 F     Ill May   Cholera 4
Victoria Racine 30 F   M M June   Cholera 7
Ashur Twichel 6/12 M     Ill Dec   Dropsy Brain 10
Joseph Twichel 52 M   M N.Y. March Farmer Lung Fever 9
Thomas Reeves 4 M     Ill April   Unknown 14
Polly Worthy 26 F     Ga July   Cholera 5
Martin Worthy 14 M     Tenn July   Cholera 5 days
Mary A. Ells 9/12 F     Ill July   Enysifelus 1 days
Mary Ann Gleesson 2 F     Ill July   Unknown 3 days
James W. Nirpon 27 M     Ill June   Cholera 1 days
Maria Goslin 21 F   M N.Y. Feb   Neuralgia 14 days
Andrew Cunningham 6/12 M     Ill Aug   Unknown 4 days
Rosann Cunningham 3/12 F     Ill Aug   Unknown 7 days
John Short 34 M   W Ireland Aug   Cholera 1
Thomas McCauley 45 M   M Ireland June   Cholera 1 days
Sarah Ann McCauley 9/12 F     Ill April   Enysifelus 3 days
William Kirpatrick 9/12 M     Ill Sept   Unknown 30 days
Obadiah Stines 18 M     Ky March Farmer Mumps 7 days
Caroline Willbaum 3 F     Ill July   Whoop Cough 7 days
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