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Aderton Cemetery

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SW quarter of the SE quarter of Section 1, Township 13 South, Range 2 West. The cemetery lies ¼ - 1/3 mileNorth of Brussels IL on a point overlooking Metz Creek and the Illinois River valley. Best way to get to the cemetery:park behind the abandoned General Store at the T junction of the main road through Brussels and the road that goeson the west side of the Catholic Church. Walk north-northeast ¼ mile across a field to a grove of treesand the cemetery.

Map Used with Permission from Marsha A. Miller - (from drawing by Norma Manker Zier, 1997)

Last Name First Name Born Died Additional Info:
Amelia Jane (Gilbert) Aderton 1836 1878 (wife of Henry Kring Aderton)
Henry K. Aderton 1835 1894 (son of ML and Matilda Ann (Ruland) Aderton
Hope Aderton 1872 1872 daughter of HK & Amelia Jane (Gilbert) Aderton
James A. Aderton 1856 1882  
John R. Aderton 1859 1859 son of HK & Amelia Jane (Gilbert) Aderton
Marcus L. Aderton 1804 1865 (Husband of Matilda)
Matilda A. Aderton 1815 1888 (wife of Marcus L Aderton)
Meriman R. Aderton 1849 1870 (son of M.L. & Matilda (Ruland) Aderton
Rebecca A. Aderton 1859 1865 daughter of HK & Amelia Jane (Gilbert) Aderton
Thomas J. Aderton 1874 1877 (son of HK & Amelia Jane (Gilbert) Aderton)
William E. Aderton 1871 1872 son of HK & Amelia Jane (Gilbert) Aderton
Cornelia A. Gilbert 1859 1860 (daughter of (NB & Mary Jane (Aderton) Gilbert)
George Gilbert 1842 1881 (son of William Truman Gilbert)
Napoleon Bonaparte Gilbert 1861 1861 (son of NB & Mary Jane (Aderton) Gilbert)
Napoleon Bonaparte Gilbert 1829 1868 husband of Mary Jane (Aderton)
Oscar O. Gilbert 1845   (son of William Truman Gilbert)
William Truman Gilbert 1806 1865 (father of NB and Amelia Gilbert)
Frances A. Hallet 1861 1861 (daughter of WR and Matilda L (Aderton) Hallet)
Henry A. Hallet 1862 1887 (son of W Russell & Matilda Lenora (Aderton) Hallet
James V. Hallet 1876 1878 (son of W Russell & Matilda Lenora (Aderton) Hallet
W. Hallet 1870   (child of W Russell & Matilda Lenora (Aderton) Hallet)
Chauncy Jones     (tombstone not found)
Ida May Jones      
Eve Lutes      
Dorris August Wallendorff 1885 1893 (son of JB & Eliza Jane (Gilbert) Wallendorff
Eliza Jane (Gilbert) Wallendorff 1855 1891 (dau. of NB & Mary Jane (Aderton) Gilbert
Henry K. Wallendorff 1886 1888 (son of JB & Eliza Jane (Gilbert) Wallendorff)
Infant Wallendorff 1876   (child of JB & Eliza Jane (Gilbert) Wallendorff
Joseph Barney Wallendorff 1855 1891 (husband of Eliza Jane (Gilbert)
Mary A. Wallendorff 1879 1881 (daughter of JB & Eliza Jane(Gilbert) Wallendorff)
Oscar L. Wallendorff 1877 1878 (son of JB & Eliza Jane (Gilbert) Wallendorff)
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