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"History of Calhoun County and its people up to the year 1910"
by: Carpenter, George Wilbur

Belleview Precinct

In 1831 a post-office was established in Belleview Precinct, at a place known as Belleview. Later a few stores were located here, as well as a mill and a blocksmith shop. No large towns or villages ever grew up in this precinct.

In the election of 1834 the following men served as judges and clerks: Wellman Dustan, H. P. Buckanan, Jacob Mozier, Samuel Dewey, and Valenetine Buckanan. Dr. Allen Jones who settled in the precinct in 1840 gives a list of the voters of the election of 1840. They were: Alexander Hemphill, William Wall, John Stark, Henry G. Hart, William Anderson, H. P. Buckanan, Daniel Puterbaugh, John Borrowman, John Martin, Michael Starnes, A. L. Mozier, Samuel Monn, Alvin Tolbert, Lewis Mars, Jr., A. Mars, Samuel Peg, Thomas and George McClelland, Jack Maloy, James Dewey, and John Stall. One of the men in the list, Alexander Hemphil, was serving as County Commissioner at the time.

Until 1834 all of the territory in the northern part of the county, that now included in Carlin, Crater, Hamburg, and Belleview Precincts, was a part of Belleview Precinct. In 1834, the part now included in Carlin and Crater was taken away from Belleview Precinct, and in 1848 Hamburg Precinct was formed from the southern part of Belle- view Precinct.

Among the early settlers in Belleview Precinct were: John Bor- rowman, who settled at Farmers' Ridge in 1848; John Anderson in the early 40's; John Crosby, in the early 30's; Humphrey Harlow in 1843; Wesley Miller in 1843; Lewis Johnson in 1850; Levi Thomas in 1851; Abraham Goewey in 1851; John Foiles in 1851; Henry V. Foiles in 1854; John W. Long in 1856; and Andreas Wintjen in 1858. In 1845, Dan Looper owned a hand corn mill, which was the only mill for miles around.

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