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Birthday, Anniversary & Reunion Party News

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Fifty years of Wedded Life - Golden Wedding - Fifty years of Wedded Life - Four Generations Represented

The fiftieth year from the date of their wedding came upon Mr. and Mrs. James W. Clendenny at their home on Fox Creek, Calhoun County, Illinois, on Thursday November 24, 1910. Seventy five relatives and friends gathered at the home of this aged pair to enjoy their company and hospitality. Among their immediate relatives were brothers of the principal characters of the occasion. Branch Clendenny and wife, Cornelius Clendenny and wife and Joshua Kitson ( Widower). The following children, Married and single eight in all were present, J. A. Clendenny and wife, J. H. Clendenny wife and children, C. E. Clendenny wife and children, Mrs. Frank Ball husband and children, Mrs. Wm. Thomas husband and children, Charles and Logan Clendenny. Of the grandchildren who are married, Mrs. Otis Hanson of St. Louis and husband. Clendenny and wife. One grandchild, Mrs. Louis Goltz could not be present on account of illness of a little son.

At noon all sallied forth to the dining room where was laden a table with everything that was good for the inner man. But the most conspicuous of all was the wedding cake, large beautiful and white as snow with the letters and figures of 1860 and 1910 on and around it. There were many more nice, beautiful cakes also and one with words "Bride and Groom of the Fifty Years"on it. There was enough over to feed as many more. Everyone had a good time and all were glad that the aged couple were spared to see their golden wedding day. As the honored host and hostess took their places at the table they were presented with thirty dollars in gold by their children and grandchildren. They also received many other beautiful and useful presents from their many real relatives and friends.

Both are in good health and enjoyed the occasion very much. James W. Clendenny was born July 4, 1837 and Jane (Kitson) Clendenny was born June 9, 1842. The former was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Clendenny and the latter a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Kitson. We wish the worthy kind and loving parents and grandparents many more years of bliss together. One who was there.
[W. S. Wilson, Editor and Proprietor, Twenty Year - Contributed by Cheryl Clendenny]

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