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Licensed Physcians Prior to 1912

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[Source: Official Register of Legally Qualified Physicians, Revised to April 15, 1912, Illinois State Board of Health.]
Transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team Member Dania Ward




Year of

College or

Year of

Berry, Isaac S. Batchtown R 1882 MO. Medical 1882
DeLong, William Allen Hamburg R 1907 Wash. Univ St. L 1907
Flatt, Stephen Hardin R 1898 P.&S., St. Louis 1898
Foiles, Lewis Kampsville R 1878 Mo. Medical 1876
Goodwin, George J Belleview R 1909 Keokuk Med., P.&S. 1907
Lewis, Carl Frederick Brussels E 1909 Bennett 1909
Peisker, Jacob Herman Kampsville R 1910 Barnes, St. Louis 1910
Skeel, William A Kampsville R 1891 P.&S., St. Louis 1891
Smith, G.B. Brussels R 1880 P.&S., K.C., MO 1880
Smyth, Alcinous Byerton R 1884 Quincy, Ill 1884
Vaughn, James R Hamburg R 1894 Keokuk Medical 1894
William, B.H. Hamburg R 1878 P.&S., Keokuk 1878
Waltmann, Frederick Kampsville H 1904 Hahnemann, Chi 1903
Wood, Harry Batchtown R 1905 M.-Sims-Beaumont 1905
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