Washington Township

Samuel Corbett, late a highly esteemed resident of Washington Township, dpearted this life, at his home on Section 3, August 25, 1872. He was born, reared and educated in the North of Ireland and carefully trained by his excellent parents in the doctrines of the Protestant religion. Upon reaching man's estate he set out alone for American, and ocming directly to Illinois, etablished himself in Washington Township, this county, of which he remained a resident until his decease. He came to this country without means, and by a course of industry and economy, accumulated a good property, leaving at the time of his death an improved farm of 136 acres, and other property, which, since his death, his widow has managed with good judgment and steadily added to its value.

Mr. Corbett, as one of the pioneers of Carroll County, deserves special mention in this work. He was confronted by the usual difficulties and hardships incident to life upon what then nearly approached the frontier, but he was happily endoed by nature with those qualities of industry and persistence which almost invariably result in success. He was a man large-hearted and benevolent, a kind neighbor, and a good citizen; one who provided well for the wants of his family, and believed in doing unto others as he would like to have them do unto him. Politically, he supported the principles of the Republican Party.

In due time after his arrival in Northern Illinois, Mr. Corbett was married in Hanover Township, Jo Daviess COunty, to Miss Mary Sanderson. Mrs. Corbett was born in County Fermanagh, Ireland in 1836 and is the daughter of Timothy and eliza (Martin) Sanderson, natives of the saem county as their daughter, and where they spent their entire lives, both passing away when little past middle age. The father was a farmer in modest circumstances, and both parents came from excellent old Presbyterian families, to which faith they religiously adhered, and therein piously trained their children.

Mrs. Corbett was the second daughter and child of her parents, whose family included three boys and four girls. Two sons and two daughters came to America. One son returned to his native Ireland, where he subsequently died, and the three others are yet living there engaged in agricultural pursuits. Ms. Corbett was only 15 years old when she came to the US accompanied by some of her brothers and sisters. They located first in Hanover Township, Jo Daviess County, and later removed to Galena, where she sojourned for some time, then came to Washington Twp. this county, and here married Mr. Corbett. Of this union there were born six children, tow of whom died unnamed in infancy, and one little daughter, Jane is deceased; Samuel remains at home with his parents; Fanny is the wife of Charles Frederick and they live in Savanna; Mary E. is with her parents and all the family are Presbyterians.

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