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History of Carroll County 1878 gives May 1839 as the date Benjamin S Day emigrated to Carroll County, but the narrative on the life of Joseph Ferrin gives the summer of 1838 as the time and year Benjamin S Day and Joseph Ferrin together left Vermont "...he packed his little all in a carpet satchel, bad goodbye to the rocks and hills, to home and friends, and with a boyhood companion, Benjamin Day, started for, he knew not where, but for someplace near the great Mississippi river, by stage coach, Erie Canal and the Great Lakes they reached the muddy trading post and fort which is now the great city of Chicago. From there, westward across northern Illinois they traveled by any manner of way they could, sometimes by team, sometimes on foot. Late one Saturday afternoon they reached the farm home of Samuel Preston, ten miles east of Savanna on the Mississippi River, a small but important trading point for the scattered settlements. They decided to stop here over Sunday and by Monday morning, concluded to investigate prospects in that vicinity. Perhaps some young women had something to do with their conclusion that this was the place for them to locate, for Joseph Ferrin afterwards married a daughter and Mr. Day a niece of Mr. Preston.

The 1860 US Federal Census for Cherry Grove Township, Carroll County, Illinois also shows a James Day who was 38 years old in 1860 and born in something that looks like "Ind", but maybe not Indiana. His wife Jane was 36 and born in England. Their children were Squire, Harrison, Robert, Ann, Mary, William, Jane, and Isbell, all born in Illinois and the eldest 16. I have no idea whether they are related to Benjamin Day. Kett's History of Carroll County (1878) doesn't show them.

Benjamin S. Day appears on the 1900 US Federal Census for Mt. Carroll Township, Carroll County, Illinois widowed and living with his son Preston Day and his family. He was 86 years old.

Julia Lestina Day was the daughter of Benjamin S. and Emerancia (Downing) Day, and was born about 1851 in Illinois , probably in Mt. Carroll Township , Carroll County

She went by the name Lestina and was a school teacher. Her siblings were Wilson C. Day, George E. Day, and Preston Day.

Lestina was 29 and still living at home in Mt. Carroll Township in June 1880, when the census was taken. From there, I have no further information on her. She does not appear on the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index

Refer to Alice Horner's family tree, "The Downing, Bickelhaupt, And Preston Families of Carroll County, Illinois" for more information.

Written by Alice Horner

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