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The first members of this family came from Fulton County Pennsylvania. In the 1878 History of Carrol County you will find the following: "John Divens, Farmer, Sec. 17, Lanark. Born in Franklin County Pennsylvania in 1822, came to Carroll County in 1850, owns 109 acres of land, has held office of School Director for nine years, married Barbary Lamp in 1853, who was born in Pennsylvania; she died in 1861. In 1862 he married Margaret Lamb. She was born in Illinois; he has two children, Henrietta and Elsie B."

In the court records in the Carroll County Illinois clerk's office, Book K, page 189, is recorded the purchase of a tract of land in Salem Township by Jacob Divens from a Mr. Stouffer in 1855. In Book 0, page 68, is a transaction of land in the same area to Jacob DivenS from a Mr. Morton in 1858.

The Divens family consisted of John, Jacob, Samuel, George Jr., Polly (Mary), and Ann Catharine. (They were all born in Fulton or Franklin County Pennsylvania. Their father, George Sr., who died in Pennsylvama June 30, 1858, aged 76 years is credited with the invention of the friction wagon brake. From the McConnelsburg, Pennsylvania, Sesquicentennial Book (1936) quote "In the early days there was great difficulty and many accidents in descending the mountains with heavily loaded wagons for lack of a convenient and effective device to hold the wagon under control in descending the heavy grades until a man named George Divens, who owned a farm in the Great Cove, invented and put into successful operation the friction wagon brake now in universal use without a single essential change in mechanical structure or application. Mr. Divens was a man of limited means, methodical and systematic, a mechanical genius. If ever the old adage `that necessity is the mother of invention' applied it applies in this case."

Mr. Divens did not apply for a patent on his device. Unhonored and unsung, the only memorial to him is a marble headstone in the Reformed Churchyard in McConnellsburg, 18x30x2 inches, with this inscription "In memory of George Diven departed this life June 30th 1858, aged about 76 years."

His Sons John, Jacob, and Samuel came to Carroll County. George Jr. died leaving a widow and some children; Polly married John Heetel and lived in Miami County Ohio; Cat harine married John Hinebaugh (spelled Heinbach originally, then Heinbaugh, changing to Hinebaugh after she came to Iffinois) and they had three children. The children of Catharine Divens and John Hinebaugh, her husband, were Anna Christina (1855- 1889), John Wiffiam (1856-1928), and Andrew Simon (or Soloman, as it appears in some of the records) (1858-1931), all born in Fulton County Pennsylvania. The father, John Hinebaugh, died when Andrew was a baby and Catharin E. Hinebaugh came to Carroll County to make her home with her brother, Jacob Divens.

Jacob Divens died in 1876, and at that time Catharine Hinebaugh bought the land owned by him and his heirs, records of which can be found in the Carroll County Clerk's office, also the Fulton County Pennsylvania Clerk's office. Mrs. Hinebaugh continued to live on the family farm until her death in 1898. Ann Catharine Divens Hinebaugh was born April 28, 1818 and died Oct. 6, 1898. Her daughter, Anna Christina had a son, Harry, born out of wedlock, Dec. 23, 1878. His birth is registered in the Carroll County Clerk's office. Later she married Mr. F. Otis and moved to Iowa, where she had another son, Frank. In February, 1889, she died in childbirth and she and the child are buried in Washington Township Cemetery one half mile south of Morrison, Iowa. Harry Hinebaugh returned to Mt. Carroll and was raised by his grandmother, Catharine Hinebaugh. The Otis family moved on westward and settled in the state of Washington.

John William Hinebaugh did not marry but made his home with his mother until she died. An interesting item in the settlement of her estate is "funeral expense-coffin, hearse, and robe - $35.00." John died in 1928 and is buried beside his mother, Catharine, in Mt. Carroll Oak Hill Cemetery. He left a large estate of land and cash.

Andrew Hinebaugh married Ann Richter, daughter of John R. and Elizabeth Weidman Richter (born in Germany). They had three children, Jacob who never married, Charles who did not marry, and LuluBelle who married Conrad Heinze, but had no children.

Harry Hinebaugh born Dec. 23, 1878 in Salem Township, died Oct. 18, 1953 in Shannon, Illinois, and is buried at Carthage, Iffinois, married Carrie Belle Shideler, (Aug. 6, 1879 - Oct. 2, 1971) daughter of David and Hannah Shideler at Cherry Grove, Carroll County. They lived in Salem Township and were the parents of six children - Alice, Roy, Hazel, John, Grace, and a stillborn son. John died from pneumonia Oct. 3, 1922. Both the latter two are buried in the Shideler family plot at Cherry Grove Cemetery, four miles north of Lanark.

Alice married Russell Rahn and they had two children, Betty and Barbara.

Hazel did not marry.

Roy married Ferne Rogers and they had four daughters, Ramona, Annette, Linda, and Karen.

Grace married Oliver E. Herman and they had two sons, David and Daniel.

Roy Hinebaugh died Aug. 7, 1948 and is buried in Mt. Carroll Oak Hill Cemetery. The Andrew Hinebaugh family and their son-in-law, Conrad Heinze, are also buried there.

Since Jacob and Charles Hinebaugh did not marry, and since the children of Roy Hinebaugh are all girls, the name of this branch of the Hinebaugh family has run out. There are eight living grandchildren of Harry and Carrie Hinebaugh, and 21 great grandchildren, also 2 great, great grandchildren.

None of the descendants of John and Catharine Hinebaugh are living in Carroll County at the present time except LuluBelle Hinebaugh Heinze, a granddaughter.

In reading the wills of Catharine Hinebaugh and of her father, some interesting items appear. Catharine left 40 yds. of rag carpet, doz. silverplated spoons, and one doz. common knives, forks and spoons. Rev. Stukinburger got $6 for preaching the funeral. John Arb got $5 for digging the grave.

In Catharine's father, George Diven's will, he left all household goods and an extra $100 to Catharine because she took care of her mother during her last illness, and her father until his death.

The information here has been taken from the Carroll County History Book 1878, Court Records from Carroll County Illinois, and Fulton County Pennsylvania. Also from personal conversations with Belle Hinebaugh Heinze, other descendants, and from first hand knowledge. Belle Heinze, Grace Hinebaugh Herman, and Ferne Rogers Hinebaugh Siefert made a trip to Morrison, Iowa, to confirm location of grave of Anna Christina Hinebaugh Otis in Spring of 1974.

The author of the above has prepared a more complete genealogical record for members of the family.

Source: A Goodly Heritage Supplement #1 Spring 1975

Writen by Ferne Rogers Hinebaugh Siefert

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