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James Ethridge is a practical, successful farmer and stock raiser of Salem Twp. and his well appointed, well order farm on section 11, comprising 235 well tilled acres, compares favorable with the best in its vicinity. Our subject is a son of Benjamin and Mary (Self) Ethridge, natives of England, who emigrated to this country in 1833 and settled in St. Lawrence County, NY where they spent their remaining days. They had a family of 10 children of whom our subject is the 6th in order of birth.

Mr. Ethridge wsa born in Herfordshire, England, July 6, 1824, and was about 9 years old when he accompanied his parents to America. He grew to manhood in the State of NY, and when 19 years of age went from St. Lawrence County, where his boyhood and youth had been spent after leaving England, to Erie county NY where he found employment there a short time. Three months later he made his way to Chicago and in company with two other men, hired a man with a team to bring them to this part of the State. The others went on to Galena; but our subject stopped at Freeport, where he was employed in a hotel nearly 3 months. We next hear of our subject in the Wisconsin pineries, on the Wisconsin River, where he lived about 12 years. During the time of his residence in that State he cam to Carroll County, and invested his savings in an 80 acre tract of land near Milledgeville, in the southeastern part of the county. And there, in Elkhorn township his marriage took place, March 4, 1858 to Miss Sarah L. Todd. She is a native of that township, born Feb. 4, 1840, to Eliakim W. and Miranda (Campbell) Todd; being the 8th of their 10 children. Her father was a native of Connecticut and her mother of Pennsylvania, and after marriage they settled in the latter State, whence they came to Carroll County in 1838; thus becoming pioneers of the county. They located in Elkhorn Township, and there the mother died when Mrs. Ethrige was a little girl.

Our subject and his wife were the parents of 8 children - Walters S, Elmer E, Mary A, Samuel H, Jessie P, Hettie M, Eliakim W and Henrietta M. Mary and Elikim are dead; the former dying at the age of 7 months and 7 days, and the latter at age 6. Walter married Maggie Anderson and Elmer married Achsa Rowley.

After marriage Mr. Ethridge returned to the Wisconsin pineries, whence he came 12 years later to Lanark, this county. After residing there a year he purchased his present farm in Salem Twp. He has devoted himself entirely to farming and stock raising and to the improvement of his farm, on which he has erected a good set of conveniently arranged buildings, including a large size brick dwelling.

Mr. and Mrs. Ethridge are warmly esteemed in this community, their open hospitality and many genial social qualities make of them pleasant neighbors and kind friends. Mrs. Ethridge has proved herself to be a valuable helpmate, wise in counsel, and ever helpful; and has been a prominent factor in her husbands success. With true womanly devotion, when her husband has been prevented by sickness in the performance of his work, she has stood at the helm and ably directed affairs. Mr. Ethridge takes a warm and intelligent interest in everything that pertains to the welfare of his adopted township and county, and does all that lies in his power to second all schemes for their advancement. In politics he favors the Democratic party, sincerely believing its policy the best and the proper one for the guidance of National affairs.

Portraits and Biographical 1889 Pg 935

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