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One of the finest homes on the outskirts of Shannon belongs to the subject of this notice. Upon it is the celebrated Batchley Spring (this may also be known as Badger Springs), running a few feet from the door of the dwelling, and which gives forth a clear and beautiful and never-failing stream of water. Mr. Freerksen is recognized as a well to do citizen, in comfortable circumstances - one who has been the architect of his own fortune, which he built up without other capital than his strong hands and persevering will. His career is a fine illustration of what may be accomplished by diligence and economy, and gives ample proof of the oft-repeated assertion that "there is always room at the top." His life-occupation has been that of a farmer, which he followed assiduously until 1887, since which time he has been resting upon his oars, and enjoying the good things of life which he has justly earned.

Our subject was born in the Kingdom of Prussia, Germany; sixty miles from the city of Hanover, Sept. 16, 1842, and lived there until a lad fourteen years of age. In 1856 he set out with his parents for American, settling first in Ogle County, this State, and lived there until 1866. He then imigrated to this county and took up a tract of land one and one-half miles southeast of Shannon, which he improved, and to which he subsequently added another quarter - this last in Ogle County - where he built a good farm residence and affected other modern improvements. His best interests, however, have centered in this region, and he has contributed his full quota in bringing Shannon Township to its present condition, socially, morrally and financially. His homestead invariably attracts the attention of the passing travler as a resort more than usually pleasant, and where much time and thought has been expended for the comfort and pleasure of the family, In addition to the neatly-built and weel-arranged structures, both for man and beast, he has a fine pond stocked with trout, and which affords boating during the summer season and skating during the winter; also ice, of which he sold during the winter of 1888 125 tons.

In addition to his other interests, Mr. Freerksen is successfully operating a creamery, which is furnished with modern conveniences. He is the owner of 242 acres of land, which he has brought to a fine state of cultivation, and lying as it does so near the town, is very valuable. Our subject was married December 1869 in Germany to Tillie Freerksen, and they reared a family of eight children, six of whom ar still living, namely; Frelka, Anna, Peter, William, Katie and Elso Jr. They are all at home with their father. The wife and mother died at the homestead, Jan. 28, 1885. Mr. Freerksen, politically supports the Democratic party, and in religious matters is a member of the Evangelical Church, to which he gives a liberal support and a regular attendance. He is looked upon by his fellow - citizens as a man eminently worthy of their esteem and confidence, having inherited in a marked manner the excellent qualities peculiar to his substantial German ancestry.

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