Charles A. Frisbee

Carroll County IL Biography

Charles A. Frisbee, an honored citizen of Salem Township, is numbered among the practical, able farmers of Carroll County, whose sagacity and enterprise have made them important factors in developing its resources, and making it a great agricultural center. He comes of a worthy ancestry, and is a native of the State of New York; Delhi, a town in Delaware County, being the place of his birth, and May 10, 1823, the date of that important event in his life.

His grandfather, Judge Frisbee, was one of the first settlers of that county, and for many years was one of its prominent citizens. Gideon and Sally (Howland) Frisbee, the parents of our subject, were born in the same town as himself, and his maternal grandfather was a gallant soldier in the War of 1812. After marriage Mr. and Mrs. Frisbee settled in their native county, and continued to make their home there until death; she dying March 28, 1844, and he April 23, 1857. They were people of high character, and of good standing in their community, where everybody knew and respected them. They had six children, four sons and two daughters; Charles A. being the fourth child in order of birth in the family. He grew to a manly, stalwart, energetic manhood in his native Delhi, and on his fatherís farm was bred to the life of a farmer, receiving a thoroughly practical training in all the various branches of agriculture. He remained an inmate of the parental household until he was twenty years old, and he then engaged in blacksmithing the ensuing two years. He worked one year on the New York & Erie Railway. He then went to Honesdale, Pa., and was there employed in a warehouse on the Delaware and Lackawanna Canal, working there two seasons. He then returned to Delaware County, and resumed farming for a year. In May, 1852, in the prime of a strong and self-reliant manhood, our subject having determined to brave the hardships and toils of pioneer life in the Prairie State, feeling assured that he could build up a better home, and turn his energies to a better account on its virgin soil, emigrated to this State with his wife and two children. For nearly four years he was engaged in farming in Winnebago County. He then removed to Eagle Point Township, Ogle County, and rented land which he cultivated profitably four years.

At the expiration of that time, in the month of December, 1862, Mr. Frisbee came to Carroll County, and purchased a quarter of section 23, Salem Township, and removing onto it with his family, has ever since made his home here. He now owns 161 acres of as rich and fertile farming land as is to be found within the limits of the county. He has it under fine tillage, has erected a commodious set of farm buildings, conveniently arranged, and has all the necessary appurtenances for carrying on agriculture after the most approved methods. He has brought an active, intelligent mind to bear on the questions that arise as to the best modes of farming, and the result is that he has placed himself among the well-to-do and substantial agriculturists of the township, and has established a reputation for skill, judgment, and practicality. Mr. Frisbee is a man of high personal character, who is thoroughly respected and trusted by his fellow-citizens, among whom he has lived in peace and friendship for more than a quarter of a century. In politics, our subject stands stanchly by the Republican party. He interests himself greatly in the welfare of this township, and gladly lends his influence to further its highest interests.

To the wife who has shared the joys and sorrows of a wedded life with him for forty-five years, Mr. Frisbee was united in marriage Oct. 30, 1844, in his native town, Delhi, N. Y. She has cheerfully aided him in his plans for upbuilding a substantial home on the prairies of Illinois, and has been no unimportant factor in his prosperity. They have had three children: Harvey, a livery-stable keeper in Coon Rapids, Carroll Co., Iowa, married Miss Elizabeth Downs; Francis Y. died when eleven months old; Frank P. is a practicing physician in Alden, Hardin Co., Iowa, and he married Miss Ella Young.

Mrs. Frisbee is the daughter of Francis Y. Yoman, and the motherís maiden name was Margaret Grant. They were natives of New York State, and were married and lived there until 1858, when they came to Winnebago County, where they lived about two years, then they came to Ogle County, where they lived until their death. The father died in 1878, aged eighty years, and the mother died April 19, 1887, aged eighty-five years. They were the parents of eight children; Mrs. Frisbee being the second in order of birth. They were members of the Baptist Church.

Transcribed & Contributed by Carol Parrish from Portraits and Biographical 1889 Pg 973

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