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Reuben Crowell Hallett, grandson of one of the hardy pioneers of the Mississippi Valley, and son of James Hallett, of whom extended mention is made elsewhere in this volume, has the proud distinction of being a native of Illinois. He was born at Mount Carroll, in Carroll County, on the 15th day of October, 1857, and grew up in his native village, where he received his primary schooling. He attended Beloit College, Wisconsin, and finished his education at the Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois, where he received instruction in the law department from Adlai E. Stevenson, Gen. Ira J. Bloomfield, John M. Hamilton, and other noted attorneys of the state.

He was admitted to the Bar in 1880, and began the practice of law at Mount Carroll, but soon turned his attention to other and more congenial pursuits. He became the owner and publisher of the Herald at Mount Carroll, which he retained about a year. He then went to Rockford, Illinois, where he was connected with the Rockford Watch Company seven years. He resided in Cleveland, Ohio, for a year, being identified with the Arctic Ice Machine Manufacturing Company. During the last three years he has been the western representative of the Hildreth Varnish Company of New York, with headquarters in one of the Grand Pacific offices, on Jackson Street, Chicago.

Mr. Hallett possesses a keen business instinct, and his kind and genial manners and knowledge of human nature make him an exceptionally successful salesman. His dealings are largely with railroad companies, and cover many large contracts. He takes an active interest in all that pertains to the general welfare, and is thoroughly posted on questions that engage the public mind. He was the independent candidate for States Attorney of Carroll County in 1880, but usually acts with the Republican party. He was made a Master Mason at Mount Carroll, and is now entering upon the work of the exalted degrees.

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Source: Album of Genealogy and Biography, Cook County, Illinois with Portraits 3rd ed. revised and extended (Chicago: Calumet Book & Engraving Co., 1895), p. 114

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