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Our respected citizen, Albert Horton Healy, passed the eightieth milestone of life, Monday, the 26th day of December. (98) He was born in Genesee County, New York, near the village of Wyoming, in the year 1818. His last term of school was at Wyoming Academy, where he took a course in vocal and instrumental music. He remained under his father's roof until twenty-one years of age, then hired out to a neighbor for $12 a month to work on a farm. When his time was out, he bade his kindred and friends good-bye and started for the far west, his father taking him to Buffalo with team a distance of forty miles.

At Buffalo, he boarded the old Missouri steamboat and came by way of the lakes to Chicago, which he found consisted of a fort called Dearborn, Lake street tavern and a few houses. He caught a ride to Rockford with a man that had been hauling wheat to Chicago. From Rockford a ride was given by a man going to Wilkinson's mill, fifteen miles north of Mt. Morris. From there ALbert and his young companion, Hiram Stuart, walked to Elkhorn Grove, arriving at Smith & Journey's sawmill the 12th day of October, 1841, completely tired out and only fifty cents in his pocket. His first work in Illinois was for Samples Journey, to cut, split and haul rails at sixteen dollars a month. In the spring of 1842, he took up land and fenced it with a sod fence. He afterward purchased and settled on a farm at the place now called Fremont in the year 1843. This farm he sold and purchased the Riverside farm which he still owns.

His has been a life of integrity and honesty of purpose, a man true to his convictions regardless of popularity, an obliging disposition so that those who have known him longest are his warmest friends. As he looks over his past life he sees mistakes, but says they were mistakes of the head and not of the heart.

We congratulate Mr. Healy on his recent popular birthday. While his health is not rugged, he reads a daily paper with enjoyment.

Contributed by Karen Fyock - Undated Newsapaper on his 80th Birthday

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