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Joseph Asher Kauffman (born July 6, 1881 at Fairmont, Neb,; died Feb. 16, 1965 in Savanna, Ill. at age 83). He was the son of Joseph and Mary Ellen (Dennis) Kauffmann. He was married Aug. 27, 1903 in Columbus Junction, Ia. to Anna Lucille Edwards who was born July 15, 1885 at Columbus Jct., Ia., Louisa Co.; and died in Savanna, Ill. on May 29, 1967 at age 81; she was a daughter of Frank and Harriett (Little) Edwards. They were parents of two sons and six daughters; George E., Harriett E., Trilby V., Gladys L. (deceased), Pearl, Evelyn D., Katherine M., and Harold Clayton.

George Everett (born May 18, 1905 at Columbus Jct., Ia.) married Dec. 25, 1939 to Ivas Miller at Columbus Jct., Ia., where they had gone so that George's grandfather Joseph Kauffman, who was 90 years old then, could stand up with them. Ivas was born April 20, 1917.

Harriet Eleanor (born August 19, 1906 at Hazard, Neb.) married Oct. 19, 1951 at Morrison, Ill. to Thomas M. Hansen who was born Mar. 28, 1899, and died Nov. 14, 1952 at 53 years.

Thrilby Violet (born Nov. 21, 1907 t Ravenna, Neb.) married Dec. 11, 1930 at Mt. Carroll, Ill. to Gilbert Robertson who was born Jan. 1, 1908.

Gladys Leona born April 30, 1910 at Ravenna, Neb., ........ age age 41; was married Aug. 7. 1936 at Morrison. Ill, to Charles Atkins, who was born Oct. 6. 1906 and died Dec. 6, 1950. at age 44.

Pearl born June 7, 1912 at Columbus Jct., Ia., married Mar. 30, 1935 at Morrison. Ill, to Richard B. Williams who was born Dec. 13, 1904, and died at Savana Ill. Oct 19, 1964 at age 59; divorced from second husband William E. Wicks.

Evelyn Dorothy born Feb. 22, 1915 at Sperry, Ia.; was married July 23, 1936 at Galena, Ill. to Laurence Beck who was born June 24, 1916.

Katherine Myrtle born Dec. 12, 1920 at Thomson, Ill., Carroll Co., was married Dec. 13, 1938 at Clinton, Ia. to Charles D. Cravatta who was born Jan. 23, 1919.

Harold Clayton born Sept. 28, 1923 in Thomson. Illinois was married Oct. 27, 1944 at Thomson, Ill. to Carmen Bender who was born Dec. 23, 1924.

Mr. and Mrs. Kauffman farmed in Nebraska and Iowa before moving to Thomson, Ill, around 1920; continued farming in that area for a number of years; then moved to Savanna, Ill., farming around there for several years more before retiring in the spring of 1952 to property in Chestnut Park, Savanna, Ill.

His father, who was born Jan. 11, 1849 at Hispire, Pa., Lancaster Co., lived with them for a time, and later returned to Columbus Jct., Ia. where he died at the age of 103.

While in Thomson the family once lived, for a number of years, at the "Point of the Bluffs" on the farm where the famous "Grout House", with the French stairway (mentioned in "Goodly Heritage"), is located. Bluffville School, which was closed after 1918-1919 term, was still there but later it was purchased by Adam Miller (from "Goodly Heritage") and moved to Chadwick, Ill. for a home.

In 1931 Johnson Creek flooded, breaking a dike in several places, that was in one of the pastures on the Robert and Adeline Groharing farm (which was also at the "Point of Bluffs"). The water from this flood swept over a large area of the farmlands around and reached as far as the present location of the American Legion Hall, and near to what was then called The Lower Garage in Thomson, Ill. This flood also carried the bridge (near the Old Pettitt Mill Site) away and it was never replaced with a new one.

During the Depression of the early 1930's corn was selling for only .10 a bushel so it was burnt in the furnace for fuel. At sometime during the years on this farm, there was an over supply of hogs on the market bringing the prices very low, so the Government ordered farmers to kill most of their little pigs.

The family also lived a number of years on the Groharing farm across the road from the "Grant House before moving to Savanna, Ill.

There was an "Open house" for their parent 50th anniversay. Of the eight children five daughters and two sons were present, one daughter, Gladys, deceased on April 27, 1951; also 17 grandchildren and one great granchild helped celebrate the occasion. In 1963 the 60th anniversary was observed quietly, with only members of the family present, due to the failing health of the mother. They had another one and one-half years together before the death of the father in Feb. 16, 1965 at age 84 and the mother was past 80 years when she died.

Members of the family who were in the Service:
Staff Sgt. Harold C. Kauffman, U.S.M.C. World War II entered Sept. 24, 1942, discharged Oct. 10, 1945. Served overseas in South Pacific areas; during World War II: Medals: Expert Rifleman, 4 Battle Stars namely New Georgia Operations, Consolidations of Solomons. Treasury Bougainville Operations, and Bismark Archipelago Operations.

E5 Charles K. Cravatta, H.N.. U.S.N. enlisted Feb. 1, 1961. discharged June 9, 1964; re-enlisted and final discharge April 12. 1966. Served in States at Naval Hospital. med. Corps. Philadelphia. Pa., Great Lakes, U.S.N.T.C.. med. corps. Great Lakes, Ill. Served during Cuban Crisis on board U.S.S. Josephus Daniels, ID. & G. 27 at San Juan, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Bermuda, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Medals: Good Conduct Medal, two 1 year extension awards.

Corporal Terry Jay Cravatta U.S.M.C. Entered Jan. 6, 1966, discharged Jan. 1969. Served in the States and overseas Viet Nam, Da Nang area. Medals: Sharpshooter, rifle and pistol, Vietnamese Service Medal, National Defense Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Presidential Unit Citation.

Corporal Michael Kim Kauffman, U.S.M.C. entered Jan. 3, 1966, dicharged Jan. 3, 1969. Overseas duty in South Vietnam.

Goodly Heritage Winter 1976

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