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William B. Law is one of the well known business men of the city of Savanna. Since his location in that city Mr. Law has done considerable toward building up the place. He has erected several good residences and a fine three story business block, 22 x 80 feet, at the corner of Main and Jefferson streets. His fine residence and brick tenement houses are on Main street, between Jefferson and Adams. Since locating in Savanna Mr. Law has spent over $20,000 in making improvements. He first came here in 1869, and previous to that time had spent ten years in the gold field of Australia and New Zealand, whither he had gone from his native home in County Fermanagh, Ireland, in 1857. Two years after his arrival at the mines he worked as a laborer, and then began on his own account at the mines of Bendigo and Melver, passing two years in each with considerable success. In 1863 he left Ausralia and went to New Zealand, where for two years he worked in the Shotover mines and in 1865 went to the West Coast Diggings where he worked in the Hoktaki mines. This latter place was the scene of his labors until about 1867, when, becoming somewhat broken in health on account of work, he returned to his home in Ireland to reccuperate. He had undergone all the hardships and privations known to the miners in that then wild region, which until the advent of the miners had scarcely been trodden under foot by a white man. Many of these mines were extremely rich and turned out fortunes for their discoverers.

During his adventures in the British Colonies our subject was in company with his brother George, who accompanied him in all his wanderings. They met with success, and were quite well-to-do when they returned ot their native land. After spending two years at his old home, and regaining his lost health, Mr. Law set out for the US where he intended to spend several months, and then proposed to go again to his old labors in Australia. Coming to Savanna, he met with many old friends and relatives and got into business there, and has since made that city his future home.

Our subject was born and reared in County Fermanagh, Ireland, of Irish parents, who were of English and Scotch descent. His parents lived and died in their native county; the father at the age of 82 and the mother then about 76 years old. The name of the father of our subject was George Law, and his mother was Anne Boyd Law. Our subject was the fifth of their nine children, and received his education in his native county, living on the farm with his father until he went to Australia. After settling down in Savanna he was married to Miss Sarah J. Law, a daughter of Andrew Law, of Washington Township, where she was born about 1852, and where her entire life had been passed until her marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Law are the parents of two children; William G a student at the College of Pharmacy in Chicago, from which he will soon graduate; Fannie A., a pupil of the High School at Savanna and both are intelligent and well educated young people.

Mr. Law has taken an active part in the affairs of the city, and has been Alderman of thw ward in which he lives. Mr. Law accepted the position of Alderman for the purpose of inaugurating a system of water-works in the city, which being successfully accomplished, he laid down the aldermanic honors. He is well thought of as an enterprising business man, who has done much toward the up-building of the city. Though not identified with any church, the members of the family attend the Episcopal Church to the support of which Mr. Law contributes liberally of his means. In politics he is a Democrat.

Portraits & Biographical Carroll Co. 1889 Pg 994

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