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Cherry Grove Township

One of the largest and most finely-cultivated farms along the easternline of Carroll County belongs to the subject of this biography. It comprises 360 acres, and is pleasantly located on section 25, where the present proprietor has sojourned for the last 19 years. He came to this section in the fall of 1868, and purchased an improved farm, upon which stood what was thenc onsidered quite a fine residence, and paid $18,000 for 320 acres. Later he added 40 acres, and since that time has given his close attention to the improvement of his property. He bears the reputation of being a most skillful agriculturist and has been uniformly successful; everything which he touches seems to prosper. He produces the fines specimens of grain and live-stock shown in this region, and has one of the most attractive homs to be found within the limits of Cherry Grove Township.

Mr. Lehman was aborn in Blair County PA Feb. 10, 1827; pursued his first studies in the common schools, and completed his education in a district school near Martinsburg. Afterward he engaged in farming with his father until reaching its majority. When twenty three years of age he took unto himself a wife and helpmate, Miss Barbara Nicodemus of Bedford County, the wedding occurring at the brides home on the 15th of OCtober 1850. The young people commenced their wedded life together in their native county, where they sojourned two years, and then our subject decided to seek his fortunes in the West. He first came to the vicinity of Polo, Ogle Co., this State and purchased 240 acres of land, eight miles southeast of that town, where, from first principles, he built up a good farm, and occupied it for a period of fifteen years and nine months. Then selling out, he came to this county and invested a portion of his capital in his present farm.

To our subject and his wife there were born nine children, six of whom are living; Lucy is the wife of Isaac Swigert, County Clerk of Hancock County, Iowa, and they have three children; Susanna married John Royal of Iowa dn theav ehave two children; Mary Jane, Mrs. Samuel Zuck, resides in Cherry Grove Township, and has three children; Martha married William McCune, of Dallas County, Iowa nd is the mother of three children; Ella is the wife of Joseph Fox, and they live at the homestead with our subject; Samuel also remains under the home roof. These children have been given a good education and will worthily bear the mantle of their honored parents. The wife and mother departed this life in 1869.

Mr. Lehman, May 25, 1873, contracted a second matrimonial alliance with Miss Elizabeth, daughter of George Cowen, and sister of W.S. Cowen, of Shannon, and of this union there have been two children, one of whom died in infancy. The surviving child Guy. Mrs. Elizabeth Lehman was born in PA and spent her childhood and youth in that State, remaining under the home roof until leaving it to become the wife of our subject. MR. Lehman cast his first Presidential vote for Taylor, and gives his support to the Republican party. He has had little to do with political affairs, but has held the various local offices, serving as School Director and Highway Commissionr, and in other waysmaking himself useful to his community. The fact that he is highly spoken of by his neighbors is the best indication of his real character. He has contributed his full quota to the best interests of his township. The Lehman homestead stands out prominently as one of the most desirable estates in Cherry Grove Twp. the land being exceedingly fertile and watered with a living stream. A large portion of the fields are enclosed with hedge and wire fencing, and everything about the premises is kept in the best of order. Mr. Lehman for the past few years has been considerably interested in high-grade stock.

The father of our subject was John Lehman, a native of Franklin County, PA, who married Miss Mary Sechrist. The parental househodl included six children - four sons and two daughtes. The parents spent their entire lives in the Keystone State. The father opened up a farm from the forest in PA where he died about 1876. The mother departed this life in 1873.

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