Salem Township

Carroll County Biography

Eli L. Lower, an influential and public-spirited citizen of Salem Townshp, where he owns a large and valuable farm, is one of the most progressive, independent and wide awake of the intelligent practical farmers who are so active in the building up of their respective townships, and in the extension of the vast agricultural interest of Carroll County. Our subject is a fine type of the manly, loyal citizen-soldiers, who saved our Republic from disintegratoin during the late Civil War; many of them spending the opening years of their manhood in defending the dearest rights and principles of our country. And have since, while establishing homes for themselves and families, been important factors in bringing about the present prosperity of the US.

The parents of our subject, David and Susanna (Rhodes) Lower, were born in Williamsburg, Blair Co PA and there spent the early years of their wedded life, coming thence to Livingston County, this state, in the spring of 1861. They lived there until the fall of 1863, and then removed to Carroll County, and settled on a farm near the village of Lanark. In the spring of 1870 they took up their residence in the village of Lanark, and there the father lived in retirement until his death, April 6, 1881. The mother is still residing in Lanark. They were the parents of 10 children - Levi, Elizabeth, Samuel, Abraham, Mary C, Martin, Eli L, Rachel R, Anna M, and Leah H. Elizabeth, Rachel and Martin are deceased. Martin was a member of Capt. Becker's Company in the 92nd IL Infantry. He died of lung fever while on a boat on the Cumberland River, between Nashville TN and Louisville KY and his remains lie buried on Southern soil.

The subject of this biographical notice was born in Williamsburg, Blair Co PA July 17, 1843. His childhood and youth were passed on a a farm in his native town, and in the spring of 1861 he accompanied his parents to Livingston County IL, remaining with them until the fall of 1862. In the month of August, that year, he being a stripling of 19 years, anxious to do his share to prevent the downfall of the Union, enlisted in Co B 129th IL Inf. and with the patience and heroic devotion so common to our citizen-soldiery, served with valor until the war closed. He took an active part in many important battles, such as those at Resaca, GA, Kenesaw Mountain, Peach Tree Creek; and in engagements around Atlant, fighting under Gen. Harrison; and he took part in many battles and skirmishes under Gen. Sherman in his famour "March to the Sea." Near Bentonville NC our subject was taken prisoner and confined in Libby Prison for 14 days. Having done his duty as a soldier, efficiently and faithfully, he was mustered out after the cessation of hostilities at Springfield IL.

Soon after leaving the army Mr. Lower came to Carroll County, and engaged in farming in Rock Creek Townshi0p from the fall of 1865 until the spring of 1870, when he came to Salem Twp. He purchased land on section 13 and has ever since made his home here. He has erected a fine and well arranged set of farm buildings, and has 400 acres of land of unsurpassed fertility, comprising three farms, all being in good order and under the best of cultivation. Mr. Lower has acumulated this valuable property by the exercise of those faculties that mark him as a man of more than usual sagacity, far reaching forethought, and practical tenacity of purpose; and underlying all these traits are the high principles that have gained him the trust and respect of his fellow-men. He has taken a great interest in the progress of the township and ocunty where he has made his home for nearly 20 years, indeed, has been a citizen of the county for a quarter of a century, and he has, to some extent, taken part in the management of local public affairs, especially in the direction of educaton; he having held the office of School Director 14 years, and in that capacity has done much to give the youth of the township chances for a good, practical education. He hs been Road Commissioner, and has done good work in improving the highways of travel in this part of the county. He is occupying the responsible office of Treasurer of the Rock Creek Mutual Fire Insurance Compay, and he is identified iwth the G.A. R. being a leading member of the Shiloh Post No. 85 at Lanark. In politics Mr. Lower votes with the Republican party, and is one of its strongest supporters in this district.

The marriage of Mr. Lower and Miss Neoma Snell, daughter of Jacob and Mary (Shaffer) Snell, took place in Rock Creek Township, March 1, 1870. Her parents were natives of Bedford Co PAand they married and settled in that county and vicinity, living there until their removal to Carroll County in 1859. They located in Rock Creek Twp. and there the mother died. The father was a stage driver in his native State, and for many years was one of the general agents of the stage line between Philadelphia and Pittsburg. After the death of his first wife he removed to Woodland Twp. in 1863 and about a year later took up his residence in the town of Nevada, story Co Iowa, whence he soon afterward went to Boon Co IA. In 1879 he made another move and establishing ahome in Sac City, Sac Co Iowa where he is still living. He had a family of 7 children by his first wife - Maria C., Charles A., John H., Neoma, Caroline, Emma, and Mary V. Mrs. Lower was born in Bedford County PA Feb. 3, 1850. She was the mother of 8 children - Ellwood and Durwood who died in infancy; Lauzela who died when about 2 years; George Clyde, Ella M, whod died when a little more than a year old, David R, Jacob F and Edna L. This sad affliction of the death of so many of her children, although it has overshadowed an otherwise happy wedded life, has strengthened the tender tie that binds them. Mrs. Lower is in every respect a thoroughly good, true-hearted woman, filling in a perfect measure her duties as wife, mother, and friend. She is a consistent and highly respected member of the Christian Church.

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