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He was in the Army and when he got out, he settled in Gregory County, now South Dakota, near my great grandfather, also a veteran, in the vicinity of Ft. Randall. Masters married a sister of a man who married my grandmother's twin sister, and that is how my family got to know him.

I looked up Daniel H. Masters in the U.S. Army Enlistments and found this:
Masters first enlisted October 16, 1883 at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for 5 years in B Company of the 21st Infantry. He was 22 years old, born in Mt. Carroll, Carroll County, Illinois, occupation laborer. He had blue eyes, black hair and a florid complexion, and was 5 feet 7-1/2 inches tall. He was discharged October 15, 1888 at Ft. Sidney, Nebraska on expiration of service as a Corporal, character excellent.

He enlisted for the second and, I think only other time, October 16, 1888 at Ft. Sidney for another 5 years. His age was 27 years and his description was the same. He served in I and F Companies, 21st Infantry. He was discharged October 15, 1893, expiration of service, at Ft. Sidney as a Sergeant, character very good. I haven't been able to find him in any U.S. Censuses, but there is a Daniel Meister, age 16, in Mt. Carroll, Illinois, son of parents born in Darmstadt.

Contributed by Tom Fitzsimmons Bismarck ND
I thought I'd pass on this information about a man who was known as Daniel Masters, and who said he was born in Mt. Carroll, Illinois about 1860 and died in South Dakota in 1932.

Obituary of Mr. Daniel H. Masters

While attending the Junior play at the St. Charles high school Friday night, Dan Masters, 70, died of heart failure. The high school auditorium was crowded and it was thought that he had fainted and was carried to one of the class rooms, only to find that he was dead. He was a soldier stationed at the old Fort Randall and was engaged under General Custer in several expeditions to subdue and punish renegade Indians. After the abandonment of the fort and his discharge from the army, he settled on a homestead in the Randall valley and when Gregory county was organized he was selected as its first register of deeds. His wife died a number of years ago. A daughter resides at Cherokee Iowa. He made his home for the last six years with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Tango near St. Charles.
Obituary sent in my Tom Fitzsimmons, Dismarck ND

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