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Carroll County Biography

A residence of thirty-four years in this county has made the subject of this biography well known to a large proportion of its residents. He arrived within its limits on the 10th of May 1855, accompanied by his father, and located on a tract of wild land about five miles southeast of Mt. Carroll. He only lived there about two years. In the meantime the father passed from earth within a few months after his arrival, Aug. 22, 1855. Our subject sold this land in the year 1857 and secured that upon which he now lives.

Mr. Parkhill began life in true pioneer style, working up from first principles to his present postion, socially and financially. He encountered many difficulties and hardships, the disadvantages of a distant market, the scarcity of money, and the many other drawbacks naturally expected in a new and unsettled country. He had prepared himself for every emergency, however, and plodded his way industriously onward, so that in the course of time he found himself upon solid ground. His farm, 160 acres in extent, is now considered one of the finest in this region, the land being remarkably productive and under a thorough state of cultivation, while the buildings and other improvements bear fair comparison with those of the progressive men around him. As a member of the community he has been active and useful and is acknowledged one of the leading citizens of the township.

The subject of this sketch wsa born July 21, 1814 in Ludon PA where he wsa reared to mans' estate, received a common school education and assisted his father in the tannery, which the latter conducted there. The parentalhousehold consisted of 10 children, of whom there are only two surviving, our subject and his brother, David E. who is a resident ofM orrison IL. The latter is married and one of his sons, William J. is a minister of the Presbyterian Church located in Dakota.

John Parkhill, the father of our subject, was born Nov. 4, 1780 in PA and was reared in this State, where in 1810 he was married to Susanna McCullough. This lady was the daughter of John & Elizabeth (Cuningham) McCullough who were of Scotch ancestry. The maternal great-grandmother of our subject, Mrs. Susanna (King) Cunningham, was a sister of the Rev. John King, who preached 47 consecutiveyears in one church in Franklin County PA. Grandmother Cunningham was killed by the Indians in Franklin County. The mother of our subject departed this life in PA May 1, 1852. John McCullough, the maternal grandfather of our subejct was captured by the Delaware Indians when a lad 8 years of age, and held as a prisoner in Northern Ohio 8 years 4 months and 16 days, when he was eventually found by his father. In the meantime he had forgotten his own language and could only talk in the Indian dialect.

James parkhill Sr, the paternal grandfather of our subject was a native of Ireland and came to the US about 1770, locating in Franklin County PA, prior to the Revolution. Soon afterward he profferedhis services in behalf of the Colonists and distinguished himself as a brace and faithful soldier until they had achieved their independence. He was married in 1778 to Jane Laird, who was born in PA near the present site of the city of Harrisburg. They had a family of 6 children, of whom John, the father of our subject was the second born. They spent their last years in Pennsylvania.

The subject of this notice was married in Zanesville OH Sept. 6, 1865 to Eliza M. daughter of Aaron & Sarah (DeWitt) Hedges. Mrs. Parkhill was born Jan. 5, 1835 in Guernsey County OH. Her parents were natives of West VA and OH, respectively; the father spent his last years in Ohio, and the mother died in this county at the residence of Mrs. Parkhill aged 88 years. Her father carried a musket and did good service in the War of 1812. Her paternal grandfather Joseph Hedges was the son of Joseph Hedges, Sr. whose father was Solomon Hedges, the son of still another Joseph, who was the only son of Charles Hedges, and the family was of English ancestry. The last-named gnetleman owned a large estate, and made a will, dated Sept. 2, 1790. His death took place in Frederick County MD. The will was probated in 1795, leaving his property to his five children - four daughters, and one son, Joseph. This estate, like many others, is still unsettled, and the rightful heirs may possibly never come into possession of their property.

Mr. Parkhill has been a member in good standing of the Presbyterian Church for the long period of 58 years. His estimable wife also identified herself with this church early in life. They have two children - Frank adn Alice aged 21 and 8 respectively. Mr. Parkhill is a member of the Republican party.

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