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The title of Mr. Pidgeon's work, shows its scope, "Traditions of De-Coo-Dah and Antiquarian Researches; comprising Extensive Explorations, Surveys and Excavations of the wonderful and mysterious earthen remains of the mound builders of America."

The Traditions of the Last Prophet of the Elk Nation Relative to their Origin and Use, and the Evidences of an Ancient Population more numerous than the Present Aborigines." by William Pidgeon.

"Embellished with seventy engravings descriptive of one hundred and twenty varying relative arrangements forms of earthen effigies, antique sculptures, etc. Mr. Pidgeon was one of the pioneers of Carroll county, his daughter was the wife of John B. Christian, the first watchmaker and jeweler in the town, who sold clocks and regulated the time for all the inhabitants. He told when the sun was on the meridian from the shadow that his door jamb made with reference to a crack in the floor of his shop and thus obtained the correct time. Tradition has it, that Mr. Pidgeon was a very intelligent gentleman, quite a learned man, spoke several languages. In conversing with the Northern Indians and with De-Coo-Dah he employed an interpreter. It is said Mr. Pidgeon's treatise was first written in blank verse after the manner of Homer, but the subject being such a matter of historical fact, his publishers advised rewriting it in prose. It is further said that he wrote the book over the cattle pens, where he was employed in feeding the stock on the slops from the distillery in Mount Carroll.

Contributed by Paul Christian
By - Newton Bateman, Paul Selby, Charles L Hostetter. Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Carroll County Volume II.
Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, 1913. Pages 621, 622

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