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Next to being a pioneer comes the honor of being a son of one; and of this latter class is the subject of this notice, who owns and occupies a finely cultivated farm, 200 acres in extent, and pleasantly located on section 18 in Rock Creek Twp. and here he has expended much labor, time and moneyto bring it to its present condition. He is a self-made man in the strictest sense of the word, having commenced operations in early life on forty acres of unimproved land, which formed the nucleus of his present farm. His career is an admirable illustration of what may be accomplished by steady perseverance and the courage which admits of no such word as fail. Socially and financially, he is one of the representative men of this county, who have assisted in bringing it to its present proud position.

Mr. Schriner was born March 15, 1850, in this township, this county and is the son of George and Elizabeth (Rahn) Schriner, who were natives of Germany, and among the earliest pioneers of Northern Illinois. They are still living, and make their homes in this county. George Schriner came to the county in 1840 a poor man, and today is one of its wealthiest citizens. The parental family included eleven children, seven of whom are living, and are well to do and reputable citizens. John H. was the ninth child, and like his brothers and sisters was at an early age made acquainted with the various employments of farm life, growing up with habits of inductry and economy, and became well-fitted for the struggle before them. When twenty-six years of age he ws married in this township, Feb. 7, 1876 to Miss Lucy c. Fry. This lady ws born in Ogle County, and is the daughter of George and margaret (Cline) Fry, who like the Schriners were also of German birth and parentage, and who emigrated to America early in life. Mr. Fry departed this life about 1884 in Carroll County. The mother is still living, and makes her home on the homestead in this county.

Mr. and Mrs. Schriner commenced their wedded life together in Elkhorn Grove Township, and removed to their present farm in 1884. In due time four bright children gathered around the family hearthstone, thre sons and a daughter, whom they named; Luther M., James E., Rudolph and Ella. They form a bright and intelligent group, and all continue under the home roof. Our subject and his estimable wife are both members of the Congregational Church, attending services at Elkhorn Grove, and Mr. Schriner, politically, is a stanch Republican. He has been very successful in his farming operations, and keeps a goodly assortment of live-stock, including horses, cattle and swine. The qualities of industry and perseverance which he has inherited from his substantial German ancestry have served him most admirably during his battle with the world, and have conspired to make him one of the most worthy men of his community and one held in general respect.

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