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Emanuel Spielman (Spealman) came from Maryland, as his father before him. John Spielman was born in Washington County, Maryland on July 1800. He died at the age of 50, on July 30, 1850. Emanuel was one of eleven children, he was born Sept. 11, 1833 at Boonesboro County, Maryland. In 1865 he came to Carroll County to live with and work for his brother Joseph who had come earlier and had land in Salem Township just north of Chadwick. In 1871 Emanuel married Margery Tigh (e). Margery's parents immigrated to Canada from Dublin County, Ireland where she was born in 1848. Emanuel owned 332 acres of land by 1870, all in Fairhaven Township, as stated in the 1878 History of Carroll County.

Chadwick had its beginning as early as 1853 when Jacob Isenhart built the first house on the prairie. In 1866 the Chicago, Burlington and Northern railroad extended its line from Aurora to Savanna. No provision was made for town sites. The St. Paul Land Co. wanted to acquire land and plat villages on the right of way. The company decided that the original town site of 60 acres be bought. The Snow family held our for $125.00 an acre, Wilson Plummer, Werner Zugschwerdt and Emanuel Spealman headed a subscription list and raised $1500.00, the difference between the bid and the asking price. It was then the name Chadwick was given to it by the St. Paul Land Company. The plat was filed for record in 1886 and in 1892 corporation papers were approved. Emanuel Spealman was active in the growth ofChadwick and in all civic activities. He was a member of the first Village board. Three children were born to Emanuel and Margery Tigh (e) Spealman: Effie May, born Dec. 13, 1873, died May 12, 1964; Martin Levi, born May 25, 1875, died Sept. 13, 1962; Harvey Loomer, born March 17, 1877, died Jan. 6, 1959. Effie married Henry Weber in 1896. Their children are: Joseph of Ft. Worth, Texas; May married Albert Adolph (deceased). Laura married Walter Getz, Chadwick; Roy of St. Petersburg, Fla. and Elmer of Chadwick.

Martin Levi married May Stover, no children, both deceased.

Harvey Loomer married Olive Stover, June 20, 1901 both Deceased. Their children: Violet (Mrs. John Frank) deceased Feb. 9, 1967; Evelyn (Mrs. Kenneth W. Seimeff) Chadwick; Herbert of Mt. Carroll. Harvey Spealman was active in the promotion and growth of Chadwick, and in all civic affairs. He worked for Mr. Keim in his drug store for two years, and in 1898 he bought the stock from Mr. Keim and in 1907 he bought the building. He operated the drug store until illl health forced him to close the store.

In the early 1900 Henry Weber purchased the old Spealman home stead of 80 acres, adjoining the town just south and west. Four generations of Spealmans lived there: Emanuel and wife, Effie Spealman, Weber and her children and one grandson. Mr. Weber paid $141.00 per acre, the highest price paid for an 80 acre tract of land in the county.

May and Albert Adolph's family as follows:
Edith (Mrs. William Meyer) and her children: Dianne (Mrs. John Bracken), Agnes Jeanne (Mrs. Ron Zirbel), Kay (Mrs. Vern Greenwood) and William Frederick.

Alice (Mrs. Spurgeon Harter) Savanna, and her children: Renae (Mrs. John Schueller), Scott, Lane and Todd.

Richard married Alice Queckboerner and their children: Sharon Fay (Mrs. Robert Kappes), Kathryn Ann, Julie Lynn, Roy Scott, Sandra Faye, Juanita Jean, Terry Lee (married Terry Justice).

Ralph married Ruth Smith, Morrison. Their children: Laurie Rae (Mrs. Steven Temple) and Ryan Douglas.

Martin Levi married Mae Stover, no children - both deceased.

Harvey Loomer married Olive Showalter on June 20, 1901, both deceased. Their children are:

Violet (Mrs. John Frank) died Feb. 9, 1967. They have one son, Stanwood Frank, married to Jane Dickinson. Standwood is a medical doctor at Walnut, Ill. Their children are Susan and Steven.

Evelyn (Mrs. Kenneth W. Senneff) Chadwick. Kenneth is retired from Senneff lumber company and lives in Chadwick. Their children are: Herbert B. of Mt. Carroll married to Martha James and have two children: Patricia and Carol.

Linda (Mrs. Ronald Gates) lives in Freeport. Their children are: Michael and Dianne.

Herbert Spealman, Mt. Carroll is retired from the Illinois State Police. He has two children: Sandra (Mrs. Elmer Remsnyder) of Batavia, Ill. and Sharon (Mrs. William Walsh) of Denver, Cob. Her children are Sean, Cullum and Liam.

Source: A Goodly Heritage Supplement #1 Spring 1975

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