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Joseph Spealman has been for thirty-four years intimately connected with the growth and prosperity of Carroll County as an intelligent, shrewd and capable farmer and stock-raiser, and is now numbered among its men of wealth and influnce. He owns, on sections 23,34 and 35, Salem Township, one of the largest and best managed farms in this part of the county, comprising 880 acres of exceedingly fertile land. He has erected a handsome residence and a fine,c onveniently-arranged set of farm buildings, and has made many oher valuable improvements that add greatly to the attractiveness of the place and to its financial worth. He devotes much time to stock-raising, and has forty-six horses of fine breed, 140 cattle of high grade, and 170 hogs of excellent grade; thoese are all kept in the best of rder, and comman the highest market price whenever offered for sale.

Our subject was the sixth, in order of birth of the eleven children born to John and Mary (Ziegler) Spealman, who were natives of Washington COunty, MD. He was also a native of that county, being born on the 5th of December, 1827, and there grew to a sturdy, self-reliant manhood. He was bred to the life of a farmer, and was engaged in agricultural pursuits in his native place until he was twenty-seven years old. He then resolved to try life on the virgin soil of the Prairie State and in March 1854, came to Mt. Carroll. For awhile he worked for others, in both Carroll and Ogle counties. February 21, 1858, he was married, in Carroll County, to Miss Anna M. Watson, who has proved an invaluable helpmate, wise in counsel and helpful in his plans for the upbuilding of their beautiful home. She was the third of the eleven children born to Mathias and Sarah (Roulette) Watson, natives of Washington County MD., which was also her place of birth, Oct. 8, 1839. Her parents came to Carroll County in 1843, and the father is a resident of Mt. Carroll; the mother died in that city May 19, 1885.

After their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Spealman lived for two years in Woodland Twp. and then removed to Ogle County, where our subject engaged in mining two years. After that they returned to Woodland Twp. and two years later, having by their mutual l abors gathered together quite a sum of money, they purchased their present farm in Salem Twp. and have ever since been valued residents of this place. They are people of high social standing in this community, where they are well known, their kind hearts, genial dispositions, and generous tempers making them many warm friends. Their happy wedded life has been blessed by the birth of ten children; William, who died in infancy; Elmer E., who died at the age of three years; Emma, the wife of Daniel Curley, of Ogle County; Frank M., who married Miss Ella Smith; Harry, Ella, Carrie E., Charlie M., Anna, and Lola M. are at home.

Mr. Spealman is a man whose judgment and business ability are of a high order, and his sagacious counsel is valued in the administration of public affairs, for, notwithstanding the pressure and extent of his private interests, he has found time to devote to the improvement of his adopted township, doing good work during the nine years that he has held the office of Road Commissioner. He has also actively interested himself in educational matters, and has been School Director for a long term of years. In politics, the Republican party has in him a devoted adherent. He is a leading member of the United Brethren Church, and is known to be a true Christian by his daily walk in life.

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