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David M. Sword

David M. Sword, who is well known as a farmer and business man in Carroll county, Ill., came with his father to this section in boyhood and, with a difference of a few years might have been a native. He was born in Washington county, Md., November 8, 1857, a son of Jacob and Sarah (Reed) Sword, being one in a family of ten children; Mrs. Lydia Hicks, who lives at Lanark; Mrs. Mary Ann Miller who lives at Kansas City, Mo.; Mrs. Kate Wingard who lives at Lanark; B.F., who lives at Lanark; Mrs. Elizabeth Fry who lives at Sheldon, Ia.; Newton M., who lives at Lanark; Mrs. Emma Ewing who lives at Pasadena, Calif.; Calvin H. who lives at Mt. Carroll; and David M. In 1865 Jacob Sword located one and one-half miles north of Lanark. His death occurred February 24, 1886, but his widow survives, having attained the extreme advanced age of ninety-two years on December 25, 1912.

David M. Sword attended the district schools as opportunity offered in his youth and grew to manhood with practical agricultural training. In 1888 he moved from near Lanark to Kittridge, Ill., where he remained for one year and then to Georgetown and in 1889 purchased his present valuable tract of seven acres. Here he erected a handsome residence and made many improvements on the place which serve to make it an extremely comfortable home. Mr. Sword operates a corn sheller during the season and does feed grinding in connection with his farming, operating with a gasoline engine, which he also uses to saw wood. His different lines of business keep him busily employed and he is well and favorably known all through the farming districts.

On January 13, 1881, Mr. Sword was married to Miss Anna Carl, who was born October 25, 1859, and died May 6, 1882. She came to Illinois in 1880 and was the daughter of Daniel Carl. The second marriage of Mr. Sword took place April 9, 1885, to Miss Sarah Sheely, who was born December 1, 1863, a daughter of Captain John and Mary (Stroman) Sheely. The parents of Mrs. Sword were farming people near Polo, Ill. The father died in 1868, but the mother survived until 1900. He was a brave soldier in the Civil War and rose to be captain of his company. His surviving children are: Mrs. Sword; C.C., who is a resident of Polo, Ill.; and Charles, who is a resident of Falls City, Nebr. Mr. Sword has two children, namely: Charles Lee, who was born February 19, 1886; and Mrs. Anna Bellet Merchant, who was born May 27, 1888, and lives on a farm five and one-half miles southwest of Lanark, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. Sword are members of the Brethren Church. For the past seven years he has been a school director and from 1881 to 1887 filled the office of pathmaster. For some eight years Mr. Sword has also been janitor of his church building and in all that he does he is careful and reliable. In his political views he holds to sensible ideas and when he casts his vote he desires it to be according to his own judgment, hence he is not identified with any party. (pg. 910-911)

Contributed by Carol Parrish from The Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and the History of Carroll County, Vol. II published 1913 by Munsell Publishing Company, Chicago, IL

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