Carroll County Biographies

Howard R. Sword
Milledgeville IL

The medical profession commands the respectful admiration of the world and justly so because its members are almost universally men of scientific acquirements and constant students and also because, in their work of preventing disease and preserving life they approach higher ideals than do any other class of business men. In every community the physician and surgeon is pointed out as a representative citizen. Dr. Howard R. Sword, physician and surgeon, located at Milledgeville, Ill., March 1, 1912, is the latest addition to a very able body of professional men who have made this city and section their field of work. Dr. Sword, is perhaps, one of the youngest among his medical brethren. He was born November 9, 1880, at Lanark, Carroll county, Ill. He attended the public schools and then did his preparatory medical reading which prepared him to enter the College of Physicians and Surgeons, at Chicago, Ill., a noted medical institution, where he was graduated on June 10, 1910, one of a large class.

A young physician and surgeon must have experience in public institutions, notwithstanding his long years of close study before he receives a diploma, and Dr. Sword received an appointment as house physician in the great Cook County Hospital and also the Norwegian Deaconess’ Hospital, Chicago. On August 1, 1911, he located for practice at Freeport, Ill., and continued there until March 1, 1912, when he came to Milledgeville and here already has built up a substantial practice.

Dr. Sword was married May 12, 1910, at Chicago, Ill., by Austin D. Crile, to Miss Mary E. Hays, then of Chicago, who was born August 1, 1887. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Hays, who reside at Hecla, South Dakota. Dr. and Mrs. Sword have two daughters, Virginia, who was born June 3, 1911, and Mary Louise, who was born October 28, 1912. Both Dr. Sword and his wife are welcome additions to the pleasant social circles of Milledgeville. (p. 911)

Contributed by Carol Parrish from The Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and the History of Carroll County, Vol. II published 1913 by Munsell Publishing Company, Chicago, IL

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