Carroll County Biographies


Homer Zuck of Rock Creek Township, and Elizabeth Zuck Piesen (Ms. Joseph) had grandparents, also great grandparents who came to Carroll County from Pennsylvania.

The great grandparents, first to arrive, were Daniel and Elizabeth Price Arnold who came to Illinois by river boats to Savanna, then overland to the neighborhood which later became known as Arnolds Grove in Freedom township where they settled with their nine children.

John V. and Catherine Whitmore Zuck and nine children, also a son-in-law and neighbor's son, came by train to Lanark in 1881 from Franklin county, Pa., and settled on a farm north of town.

Third generation descendants include Homer and Elizabeth Zuck, Mrs. Roy Fritz (Etta Searle), Mrs. Ben Mathias (Hazel Arnold), and Mrs. Joe Lower (Ruth Searle). Their great grandparents David and Sarah Strickler Stitzel came to Carroll county by covered wagon in 1845.

Will Zuck of Lanark recalls the following incident: "When farming for my brother I had a valuable mare that foundered. She kept getting worse and at last could not get on her feet and had sores rubbed through her hide trying to get up. I knew I was going to need another horse as all indications were this one would die. While out hunting for one I located a horse northeast of Brookville. I told this farmer why I needed a horse. He said I should find a weasel, skin it and feed her that.

"Mr. Snow, an old trapper, happened to have a weasel skin. I fed her a piece about the size of a silver dollar once a day by shredding it with my knife and mixing it with a handful of oats. She was on her feet and on the way to recovery in no time. I saved the skin of the weasel and later gave it to Jesse Gerber who also had a foundered horse. His horse got well too. Believe it or not.

From the Goodly Heritage 1968

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