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John Henry and Eveline (Becker) Zuck
Children David, Nora, Sarah, Alice and Bert

John Henry Zuck, now living retired from active life at Mt. Carroll, belongs to one of Carroll county's old and honored families, and is well known as a veteran of the Civil war. He has spent most of his life within the county, although he was born near Hagerstown, Md., as were both of his parents. The date of his birth was April 17, 1840, and he is a son of Henry and Sarah (Zillheart) Zuck, he born January 22, 1816, and died at Mt. Carroll April 1, 1894, while the mother was born December 24, 1816, and died In Mt. Carroll December 9, 1891. Both parents are burled at Arnolds Grove Cemetery. Mrs. Zuck's father, Jacob Zillheart, was a soldier in the War of 1812, in which he bore an honorable part Henry Zuck and wife married in Washington county, Md., September 9, 1839. and their eldest child. John H.. was born there, being five years old at the time the family migrated westward In 1845. They came first to Ogle county, Ill., having come across the country with several other families with wagons.

In the spring of 1846 the Zuck family came to Carroll county, and located northeast of Mt. Carroll, on land owned by Joseph Emmert of whom Mr. Zuck rented two years, cultivating or having in his charge some 300 acres of land. He then moved about a mile farther north, and for eight years rented land of Mr. Emmert, who built him a house there. During this time his second child was born, a daughter, and another important event of the period was the entering of eighty acres of land by Mr. Zuck. This land was about four miles southeast of Mt Carroll, and in 1852 they moved to it, having erected a little house and prepared eight acres of land for cultivation. This entire farm was grubbed out and developed by Mr. Zuck alone, and as he was able, he added to his possessions, until he owned 213 acres of land, which he cultivated until 1898, then retired, and he and his wife moved to Mt. Carroll, where the remainder of their lives was spent. They had but two children, the younger of whom, Mary J., born in Carroll county, May 4, 1850, married Christopher Davis, and lives on part of the old homestead.

John H. Zuck lived with his parents until his marriage, at the age of twenty-nine years. He was educated in Carroll county and reared to farm work. In December, 1863, he enlisted from Mt. Carroll in the Seventh Illinois Cavalry, and served until the close of the Civil war, being mustered out at Nashville, Tenn. and receiving his final pay and discharge at Camp Butler, Ill. He was sick three different times and was sent to the regimental hospital at Decatur, Ala., and to the field and city hospitals at Nashville. Mr. Zuck participated in several battles and skirmishes and won an honorable record.

At the close of his service be returned home and on March 17, 1869, was married at Mt. Carroll, Rev. H. S. Soule officiating, to Eveline Becker, daughter of Captain David and Fannie (Bennum) Becker. Mrs. Zuck'* father, Captain Becker, was born March 1, 1803, and his wife December 2, 1807, both being natives of Pennsylvania, from which state they came overland to Rock Creek township. Carroll county, in 1844. He was captain of his local militia. Both he and his wife died in Carroll county, and are buried in Oak Hill cemetery.

After marriage Mr. and Mrs. Zuck located a farm of forty acres near his old Zuck home, and remained there thirty-five years. During this time he purchased thirty acres of land, and later inherited one-half of his father's estate, which he still owns. He became a successful farmer and was able to retire from active life, moving to Mt. Carroll in October, 1901, where he continues much interested in the progress and welfare of that community. In political faith he is a Prohibitionist, and he and his wife are members of the Church of God. The local G. A. R. Post holds his membership. He has served in various local offices, having been town clerk for thirteen years, and for a number of years held one or other of tho following offices: collector, assessor, constable, roadmaster and school director.

.....Colo.; Nora E„ who was born September 7, 1872, married Charles Woodin, of Carroll county, and they have three children: Ramon Runnells, Esther E. and Ola B.; Sarah Fanny, who was born October 31, 1875, married Edward McGinty, they live on the old farm and have two children: Zella F. and Garnett; Alice M., who was born July 1, 1879, married Rev. William W. Richmond, and they live near Decatur; and Bert A., who was born September 27, 1882, lives with his sister Nora.

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