To The
Brethren Church

Contributed by Karen Fyock

December 28, 1893

The Brethren church of Milledgeville was organized July 14, 1884, at the Dunkard church, two and one-half miles west of the city, with thirty charter members, all of whom had been members of the German Baptist Brethren, or Dunkard church. Elder H. R. Holsinger of Iowa, now of California, presided at the meeting of organization, and the officers elected were: Z. T. Livengood, pastor; Abraham Livengood, deacon and treasurer; Henry Walker, clerk; Henry Meyers, Henry Livengood and Daniel Fike, trustees.

Steps were immediately taken to build a church. The building was placed on Henry Walker's land, three and one fourth miles northwest of Milledgeville, and cost, when completed, $3000. It was dedicated Nov. 9, 1884, by Elder S. H. Basher. The church grew rapidly in numbers and in 1889, after a successful revival, in Milledgeville, a brick church was built in that city, which cost, when done, $3500. It was finished and dedicated, Nov. 3, 1889, by Elder S. H. Basher, and named the "Progressive church, " hence the name "Progressives," applied to its members.

Elder S. H. Bashor became pastor in February, 1890, residing in Milledgeville, and Z. T. Livengood took charge of the mission point at Lanark, where he built up a strong and flourishing church. Elder Bashor remained pastor until Oct. 1, 1892. October 1892, Rev. J. O. Talley became pastor, and has now entered upon his second year in that position.

The church now numbers one hundred, seventy-seven communicants. The present officers are: S. A. Smith, clerk; S. V. Hendrick treasurer; Joseph Blough, deacon; John M. Deitz, of Sterling, Ill., and Mrs. S. A. Gibbons of Independence, Kansas, are ordained ministers, holding their church membership in this church. The church owns property valued at over eight thousand dollars, including two church buildings and a parsonage. The church government is purely congregational. The highest authority known in the church is the local congregation, whose decisions cannot be changed by any other body. They can elect and ordain ministes who are the highest officers in the church.

The conference of the district, to which the church here belongs, will be held in Milledgeville in the fall of 1894. These conferences always sit with open doors, and visitors are always welcome. J. O. Talley is president of the district conference. Three years ago the Milledgeville church organized a young people's society to which they gave the name of "King's Children" signifying allegiance to the King of Kings. This was the first society of the kind in the church and was the originator of the movement. A year ago this district adopted the name for the district, and this year the name "King's Children" was made National at the National conference held at Warsaw, Indiana. Rev. J. O. Talley was chosen National president and a paper will soon be published in the interest of the "King's Children." Their district convention will be held in connection with the church conference at Milledgeville.