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Rockford Star, Oct. 15. 1967 - A century-old family cemetery on the Dwight Plumley farm, northeast of here, looks neat and cared-for for the first time in years, marking the progress of a county-wide cam- paign by the Carroll County Historical Society. The cemetery is one of 15 old family burial plots found in a survey by the society, headed by Ralph Garner. Lanark. Boys from the Illinois Youth Commission camp at Savanna do the work. Four boys from the camp and supervisor Jack Elliot spent a day at the Plumley farm cleaning out brush and unearthing the grave markers. "They really did a good job of cleaning up the cemetery," said Mrs. Plumley. She served lunch to the boys during a morning break. Plans are to restore all the old cemeteries in Carroll county, starting with those along the east edge, according to Harold Horner, Lanark, a member of the historical society. A cemetery near Brookville was the first restored, he said. Boys from the camp will visit each of the cemeteries several times a year in the future to keep them cleaned up. The cemetery on the Plumley farm, approximately 20 by 35 feet, is enclosed by an elaborate iron grillwork fence in branch andleaf pattern. Five headstones were found in the cemetery and the inscriptions on all the stones were still legible. None of them was standing but only one stone was broken. According to inscriptions on the stones, this was the Page family cemetery. Three generations of the family appear to he buried there, and all died within a period of 10 years. Headstones were found for George Page, who died in 1863, and his wife, Betsy, who died in 1859. Another stone is marked "Celia, Wife of Henry Page," who died in 1863 at the age of 18 years. It is possible that she was a daughter-in-law of the George Pages. A marker inscribed, "Louisa, Wife of W. F. Willoughby." who died in 1864, might be that of a married daughter of the George Pages. The fifth headstone is that of Sally Page, who died in 1869 at 90 years of age. It is likely that she was the mother of George Page. A special inscription on the marker of Betsy Page read. "Blessed are the Dead Which Die in the Lord. All the stones have designs of trees near the top. No one in the area recalls the Page family and there appear to be no direct descendants still living here. Mrs. William Kendall, one of Milledgeville's older residents and a resident of that neighborhood most of her life. recalls hearing that the family came from New Hampshire. Mrs. Plumley recalled that five sears ago. people from the the small cemetery each year. This interesting bit of history can only be viewed today by traveling down a lane and through a pasture, although at one time a road, now unused, was nearby.

(Note) Sally Ham Page buried here is the mother of John Ham Page who settled in Palmyra, Lee Co IL. It was his sons who were the founders of the well documented Anglo-Swiss Cond. Milk Co. which eventually merged with Nestle. George who is also buried here has to be her son and the brother of John Ham Page. The children of Sarah (Ham) & David Copp Page were - John Ham Page born 25 Jul 1806, Abigail Page born 30 April 1808, Annie Page born about 1810, David Page born about 1820, and George Page. There could be other children.

PAGE, Celia 1845 1863 Henry Page .
PAGE, Betsy . 1859 George Page .
PAGE, George . 1863 Betsy David Copp & Sarah (Ham) Page
PAGE, Louisa . 1864 W.F. Willoughby .
PAGE, Sally (Ham) 1779 1869 David Copp Page .