Argo Fay

Methodist Church

Argo Fay

Carroll Co IL

Joshua Bailey located at the extreme northeast corner of York township in 1839 and in 1851 built the first church. The denomination was Baptist, built at Argo with Emmert Ingham, pastor. The Methodist Society also used the building for worship.

The first church building was where the cemetery is now; it apparently was torn down about the time the present building was erected. Quarterly conference records from 1860 refer to "Bailey Chapel" on the Fair Haven circuit. According to the minutes the name was changed to York when the present building was constructed in 1881 at a cost of $1500.

In the early 1900's a belfry was added with Mr. Hicks, the pastor, doing the work. This work and the installation of a large stained glass window were made possible through contributions of Chauncey and Jane Lamb of Clinton, Iowa, formerly from this community. About this time the village's name was changed to Argo and a few years later to Argo Fay.

In 1917 an addition was built on to the north. There has been no structural change since.

Two men have gone into the ministry from this congregation; Rev. Frank Gardner who served several large churches in Chicago before his death in 1905 and Rev. Clyde Carpenter who at present serves a Methodist church in Michigan. Rev. Gerald E. Bower present pastor grew up in this church.

The last half of the second decade of this century was the strongest period in the church's history and the low in this decade. At present it seems the church is headed for a new high.

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Photo contributed by Alice Horner August 9, 2004