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Preaching within the book was by Reverend Henry Rohland, subsequently there was preaching in the German language, occassionally. In 1864, when Reverend D. N. Byers came and organized a class of nine members. The following were the original members:

Levi Immel
Rachel Immel
Henry Fox
Sarah Fox
John B. Senneff
Phoebe Senneff
Lizzie Senneff
Elizabeth Fox
Margaret Senneff

Brother T. B. Senneff came by letter from Black Oak charge. He formerly belonged to our church in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, and Lee County, Illinois. Brother J. G. Kleinight was the first preacher in charge. He had an extensive revival the first year. In 1868 Zion church was built and dedicated by Brother D. P. Byers, P.E. In 1872 this charge was called Morrison. In 1873 it was connected with Black Oak Grove. Brother L.B. Toby was preacher in charge that year. He was blessed with a glorious revival so 65 souls being converted.

York and Greenwood classes were organized by Brother W>W. Schuler in 1876. He also built the parsonage the same year. Malvern class was organized in 1856 by Brother George Harris.

Two more gracious revivals broke out on the Misson during the pastorate of E.K.Yeakel and h. Keag.

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