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The history of the Hickory Grove Methodist Church as given in "A Goodly Heritage" brought us to 1958, and I have been requested to give a brief summary of what has taken place in our parish since that date.

An inscribed brass plaque presented to Mrs. Kathryn Getz for thirty-seven faithful years of teaching Sunday School in this church.

Guest book and register cabinet given for the narthex.

Used pews, given by the South Elkhorn Church east of Milledgeville, installed and refinished.

Coat rack for the narthex - memorial.

Brass altar vases and candle holders memorials.

New carpeting laid in the sanctuary; acolytes appointed to make use of a new candle lighter, a gift; a new pulpit added-memorial; a covering was built over the back basement entrance, enhancing the appearance as well as the convenience in entering the basement; a new pul- pit Bible, presented by the Junior-High Sunday School Class; a brass Bible stand for same-mem- orial.

During several interims in 1963 and 1964, when pastors were not readily available, the church was supplied by a local seminary student and a local certified lay leader, when there was not a regular pastor.

July-the former system of three church charge was resumed-Hickory Grove, Thomson and Argo F ay.

Chancel pedestals presented-memorial.

A secretary cabinet for church supplies given- memorial; new American and Christian flags pre- sented-memorial.

Altar communion table; brass collection plates; brass baptismal font-all given as memorials by different families of the church.

The Methodist and Evangelical United Breth- ren Churches merged, nationally, and we are now known as the Hickory Grove United Methodist Church.

June-Hickory Grove was appointed a student minister, Thomson was given a full-time minister and Argo Fay joined with Fair Haven.

New Hymnals for Sunday School given- memorial.

Hammond Spinet electric organ purchased.

A Reunion Sunday was held September 28, with about 40 former members attending from Florida, Springfield, and Herrin, Illinois, as well as the surrounding area - potluck dinner at noon and afternoon song service and reminiscing.

Over the years, many improvements and additions have been made and gifts given by many dedicated, loyal members, friends and pastors of this small country church, where families attend as units, and warm friendship and Christian love abound. I was raised in this church and 5 generations of my family have called this their "church home" at various dates in history down through the years. With this in mind, I have written a poem which sincerely expresses my loyal devotion and life-long service to a small country church which holds many cherished memories for me, and many other, as well.

Goodly Heritage Volume 3 Pg 271


Illinois - "Our Way"