To The
Church of The Brethren - Lanark IL.

Rally Day 1908

Lanark IL

The writing on the card reads:

"Please keep this card to remind you of the Rally Day at the Sunday School of the Church of The Brethren October 25, 1908 Lanark IL. Sermon by I.B. Trout 10:45.

Subject: "The Sunday School and its Problems".

Dan Rusmisel, who was Pastor of the Church of The Brethren in Lanark in 2004, at 326 South High Street, told us "The Rally Day" picture is of the Lanark Church of the Brethren that was on the southwest corner of the church yard in this same block. That meeting house was replaced in 1911 by the current building that is located in the center of the block.

The Children of the Church of the Brethren around 1911
H. Reid Horner, father of Alice Horner, is among these little people

**All of the above photos were contributed by Alice Horner**

This photo is believed to be of a Sunday School class probably in the early 1900's. We think it's the Brethren church in Lanark. Three people have been identified - Ben and Estelle Helsinger are the couple seated on the right, and Mary Jane Carbaugh is sitting in front of Ben Helsinger (the Helsinger's son, Albert, married Mary Jane and William Carbaugh's daughter, Orpha who is the grandmother of Mary Klein who submitted this picture.

Maybe someone else will know who the rest of the people are, which church, if its not this one and its location and date. If you have any information please notify Mary Klein