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Milledgeville Methodist Episcopal Church - on the right 1930

December 28, 1893

Over fifty years ago, there stood in the central part of Elkhorn Grove, a small log school house, generally known by the name of the "Old Center Schoolhouse." In this building, the early Methodist settlers of this section of the country held their first meetings. As the class increased in size, it was thought prudent to divide it, in order to make the place of meeting more convenient.

Accordingly, in 1846, three divisions were made. One division, now known as the Milledgeville class, held its first meeting in James McCreedy's barn situated on a farm about three quarters of a mile southwest of Milledgeville, now owned by Benj. Hendrick. This class consisted of thirteen members, of which only three are now living - Alfred Newman, Lucinda DeGroff and Jane Allison. They continued holding their meetings here for nearly a year, when they decided to hold them in private houses.

This they did until the year 1852 when a schoolhouse was built on the lot now owned by Martin Adams. Here they held their meetings until 1856, the year in which they built their church. As the nearest lumber yard was in Chicago, and as there was no railway communication between Chicago and this place, it was found necessary to haul the lumber across the country by teams, from that place. The building of the church was commenced in February, 1855, and by the next February, was completed. The church was dedicated February 8th, 1856, Rev. Dr. Hitchcock delivering the dedicatory address. The bell, which still does service at the new church, was brought across the country two years later by Roland Wheeler.

About three years ago, a meeting of the trustees was called to decide upon needed repairs for the church; after some deliberation it was decided to build a new one. This was in the winter of 1891, and on the 27th day of the following December the building was dedicated by Rev. Dr. Stowe of Chicago. The new church is in every way an improvement over the old one. It was erected at a cost of $6000, and has all the modern improvements. It consists of two rooms - the audience room and the lecture room, so arranged that they may be thrown into one room. In the north side of the audience room is a large alcove in which is the pulpit, and to the right of the pulpit, the choir. Back of the pulpit is a large beautiful stained glass window, and on the east end, facing the pulpit, is another corresponding to it. The seats are arranged in a semi-circle facing the pulpit.

In 1889, a young people's society, known as the Epworth League, was organized, and now numbers about sixty members. The membership of the church, excluding the other two appointments, is one hundred twenty-six members and twelve probationers. The following is a list of the preachers who have had charge of the Milledgeville class at different times since 1846: B. C. Rawley, W. P. Jones, B. H. Cartwright, Boyd Low, M. Decker, M. Bourne, M. Hannah, Z. T. Paddock, S. Guyer, O. Hutchins, A. W. McCauseland, T. R. Mastin, M. L. Rice, James Willing, Joseph Wardell, G. W. Perry, R. Brotherton, A. O. Hatch, J. T. Cooper, C. E. Smith, Ephraim Holm, M. W. Satterfield, N.J. Otiin, F. Lines, Hitchcock, Shambaugh, A. C. _______________________________________missing the end of the list of pastors.

Contributed by Karen Fyock