To The
Methodist Episcopal
Carroll County IL

Methodist Episcopal Church 1910 South Elkhorn
It was a postcard -- contributed by Nanette White The second picture was taken around 1961 before the church was razed.

South Elkhorn Church around 1961
Before it was razed -- contributed by Nanette White

In 1836 there stood in the center part of Elkhorn Grove a small log schoolhouse known as Old Center School. It was built in 1835. In this building early Methodist settlers of this section of the county organized and held their first meetings. Father Kean preached the first sermon in 1836. As the group increased in size it ws decided to divide it in order to make the place of meeting more convenient. In 1846 the division was made. One of the divisions was known as the Milledgeville class, the beginning of the Methodist Church in Milledgeville.

Initial meetings were held in an old barn, later in a schoolhouse built in Old Town. In 1856 it was decided to build the first church. The nearest lumber yard was Chicago and there were no railway connections. It was necessary to haul lumber across country by teams. On Feb. 19, 1855, Chester Olmstead and George W. Harris started to Chicago to buy lumber. The church was built by Mr. Harris and was completed at a cost of $3,500. It was razed just a few years ago.

Source: Carroll County - A Goodly Heritage by E. George Thiem... 1968