Precious Memories
The Scrapbook of Pearl Puterbaugh
Graciously contributed by Amy Anderson

As time goes on we will be adding more items of interest to this page. Amy Anderson was lucky enough to be the winning bidder in a recent auction, and was able to acquire this priceless scrapbook. Many things will be added on other pages throughout this website, having to do with churchs, schools and local community activities. Pearl saved her "life" in her little scrapebook. I wonder if she knows how many memories she will now be giving back to us.

Some Classmates & Friends of Pearl Puterbaugh, Lanark High School Class of 1923
Back L-R Theron Brenamen, Sterling Sword, Frances "Shine" Burkhart, Laverne Lindsay.
Front L-R Laurel Schnieder, Gertrude Deets, Mildred Swartz, Pearl Puterbaugh, Kathyrn Reeves, Ethel Delp.

Pearl and her twin sister Edna Puterbaugh, were born 23 July 1905. They were daughters of George E. & Minnie (Myers) Puterbaugh. There was another older sister, who was born and died before they were born and they also had a younger sister, Grace, born in 1910.

Pearl and Edna Puterbaugh were grade school students at the Rowland School, graduating on June 5, 1919 along with Irma Rowland and Merle Hawbecker, a total of four in their class.

Miss Wilhamina Strioski was their Teacher at this time. At the graduating ceremony, Pearl, Edna and classmate Irma, sang a song "Our Country School", Merle Rowland Hawbecker, another of her classmates - born 15 June 1905, the son of Aaron & Addie (Rowland) Hawbecker, did a recitation.

Pearl married Charles Martz, her twin sister Edna Puterbaugh married Nellis Betchold. Edna died in Lanark 3 March 1957.

Of the other grade school classmates & friends , we learned that Irma Rowland was born about 1904 and the daughter of Clinton & Cora (Sword) Rowland. She was married at least three times, to Edgar Racback, Virdin Mounger and Kenneth Robert Lower. Irma had a daughter named Betty who was raised by her grandparents.

Merle Hawbecker went on to become a minister as well as a Jr. High School Teacher and Principal. He served for several years at the Church of the Brethren. His marriage to Cora Gretta Stauffer on the 12th of June 1929. In 1930 they were living in Fairview, Henry Co. MO. After the death of Cora, Merle married Anna Elizabeth Petry, widow of Charles Zumdahl. Merle Rowland Hawbecker died in Lanark 27 August 1978.

Sterling Sword son of George W. & Mary (Werntz) Sword, was born 4 Nov 1905 in IL, he died 15 Oct 1973 in Los Angeles CA. Sterling married Francis Wiley. His grandparents were Samuel & Anna Catherine (Long) Sword.

Kathryn Reeves daughter of Amos & Susan (Sword) Wolf married Charles Dyslin the son of Clark and Ada Wolf.

Church of the Brethren

Sunday School Class - Probably 1923

Teacher Lillie Finifrock

Intermediate class teacher - Eva Royer
(Eva is the woman in the white dress, on the right)

But which one is Pearl

Home Sweet Home - The Puterbaugh Home

Pearl Puterbaugh 23 July 1905 Carroll Co IL
Geo. E. Puterbaugh 1877 Carroll Co IL & Minnie Myers
Geo. W. Puterbaugh 08 Nov 1834 Franklin PA - 10 Mar 1884 Carroll Co IL & Catherine Sword
Geo. Puterbaugh 17 Mar 1796 Franklin PA - 27 Jun 1870 Carroll Co IL & Sarah Martin
Henry Puterbaugh 28 Jul 1761 Frederick MD - 17 Oct 1839 Franklin PA & Hannah Susan Ulrich/Ullery
Geo. Puterbaugh 1737 Germany - 21 Sep 1800 Franklin Co PA & Christina Adams

" My Grandma"

But it doesn't say which grandmother

"Mothers Nurse"

with us three girls

Twin Girls


Twin Calves

Pretty hard to see

Some of the details and information here also provided by Alice Horner